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Playlist: ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest Genre Sampler

ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest Genre Sampler
created by admin Friday, August 22, 2014 @ 2:34 PM
Here are the 25 most listened to tracks created for the ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest!

Are you looking for safe source files to remix or include in your web vid? Check out the BIG Fest pells, sample library I , samples library II, song library I and song library II just barely created for the BIG Summer Music Fest.

Check out the BIG Summer Music Fest conversation in the ccMixter Forums.

Visit the virtual tents and stages to experience each genre of creation:
Pleiades Unplugged Lounge
Omega Roots Stage
Andromeda Alternative Theatre
Spirograph Soundscape Room
Hubble Hip-Trip Stage
Deep Space Dance Tent

Want to use our music in your remix, web-vid, game or mobile app? If it’s a non-commercial project, just Attribute! Commercial project? These tracks are available for affordable licensing - just click the dollar sign for the automated license wizard.