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Where's My Tommorow ?

uploaded: Tue, Jul 1, 2014 @ 4:47 PM
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For David, sadly missed.
Pell Here under CCPLus.

Where’s my tomorrow
Not that you’ve gone leaving sorrow
And a space left for sowing
Where there should be flowers growing
And a shape in the pillow
Which I just can’t bear
To turn over
The leaves are still falling
Oh and wish you were calling
Out to me to come help oh
With the rake and the barrow
But now they just lie there
The first time that I can remember

And I still see you there in the chair
The fallen wine glass still empty
And all I hear is quiet

Where’s my tomorrow
Can’t you not come back and borrow
Half of my days left for living
No sacrifice in this giving
So I will not have to live them all without you
In silence

And all the clocks that turn in the world
Stopped for me on that evening
So Judge me not
For weeping

Where’s my tomorrow
When is it my turn to follow?
You into the meadow
Thru the gate that we both know
Cause the days are so slow
Since you had to go
Won’t you let me know?
Where’s my Tomorrow.?

Loveshadow 2014

"Where's My Tommorow ?"
by Loveshadow

2014 - Licensed under
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