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Blue Crystal Space Dust (In My Toes) feat. jlbrock44

Chill spoken word with a cosmic vibe. Mana Junkie’s well directed and perfectly balanced backing track provides spinningmerkaba’s spoken word piece “Blue Crystal Space Dust in My Toes” a suitable atmosphere in which to manifest. Cosmic dreams with deep roots.

The Push The Pull

Fantastic guitars, rythmic wording, meaningful lyrics, catchy riff, exotic samples.
Let it roll..

Boss Pidge

Mixing SO SHA’s voice with energetic rock, Dan Mantau delivers a song that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Rock on, Dan!

Caveau de la Huchette

Romantic ballad with a jazzy glow. In Radioontheshelf’s transformation of Snowflake’s “Longing,” the story of would-be lovers unfolds, revealing another type of tragic relationship — one that never was.


Sprout belongs in your next short film. With lush orchestral tones intertwined with a captivating groove, Ant Survila produces a soundtrack for scenes of movement and reflection. Featuring JLang, this track should be on your playlist.

Drowning-The Deep End Mix_

by: J.Lang
This instrumental is destined to appear in a slew of YouTube videos! With its sweet groove and melodic detail, JLang crafts a perfect production from top to bottom. Featuring Ant Survila’s beautiful stems, this is a must-add to your playlist.


Pure alternative rock with a chorus that will grab you and never let go, Arrested by Admiral Bob in collaboration with Scomber is pure power for the soul. Read the lyrics as you listen and you’ll feel the longing in your gut.

Heading out with MJ

Groove to a funk salad with extra mayo in Heading Out with MJ — Scomber rocks the mic and the DAW compiling a plethora of electric stems from Mana Junkie that will spin you round and round all over town.

A Channel

Calm yet intriguing (with hints of trap), Snowflake takes us on her journey of being hurt and healed again.

Ocotillo THe Dirty Water Mix

by: J.Lang
Upbeat hip-hop with a spiritual vibe. Hear Suzi Q. Smith’s environmental spoken word elevated with J.Lang’s captivating remix of “Ocotillo.” Perfect for Earth Day, let this remix elevate you.

Control the Sky

Playful EDM with a live mix feel. Robert Warrington mixes it up with SO SHA on the mic, with the well paced change-ups that keep a party going. Don’t blink, you might miss your chance to dance :)

We Cannot See You

Sometimes it’s more important to listen than to look. This mix is a perfect example. Turn this up and dance—somewhere where no one is watching.
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