Editors' Picks

Glendover Ponds

Melancholic chamber music with a touch of musique concrete. Building on gurdonark’s “Flyway,” Radioontheshelf embellishes the underlying theme with a combination of chamber strings and piano, with a brief operatic vocal to complete this richly nuanced remix.

Hold Me Back (dotjots house)

by: dotjot
Dotjots reimagines SO SHA’s “Hold Me Back” as a fun electronic house dance mix containing many recognizable club track audio techniques. This party mix is ready for the DJ booth.

If You're Not There With Me

Uplifting RnB with a soulful glow. A farewell (of sorts) to summertime, texasradiofish bring together a virtual RnB session with Bluemillenium and milkdaddy as they remix Wiseman’s “If You’re not There with Me!”

Time Bomb

High-octane punk with a heroic anthem. echo_orbit takes Thespinwires’ “Time Bomb” to a new level with this intense and immersive rock track. Let this be your theme song today!

Je Suis le Monde

Modern hip-hop with a retro vibe. DJ Robbero is back in the mix with a retro-hop remix of Bocrew’s “Je Suis le Monde,” a straight-laced headbanger with French vocals.

Hold Me Back (In the Rave)

Mixing audio contributions from seven ccmixter artists, Apoxode delivers mad, thumping good, techno music. Get your rave on with Apoxode today!

Burning Road (chill mix)

by: Speck
Jazzy downtempo with a nuanced texture. Building upon Martijn de Boer’s joyful jazz piece, “Burning Road,” Speck brings an eclectic assortment of add-ons from Doxent Zsigmond, reiswerk, Admiral Bob, and Hieron for this well driven remix.

Transmutate (Hindustani Mix)

Meditative ambient with a spiritual glow. Zenboy1955 provides an Indian influenced backing track (which includes contributions from Ben Blohowiak) for Madam Snowflake’s inspirational “Transmutate,” complete with backing vocals from Anchor’s “Fear Nothing Chant.”

Hold Me Back

Rock ballad with a heroic theme. Using a combination of orchestral strings and rock guitar, raja_ffm sets SO SHA’s “Hold Me Back” to a fully charged backing track. Let this be your theme song!

Maid Marian

by: Hieron
Fantasy ambient with a medieval glow. Building on Javolenus’ “A Gest of Robyn Hode,” Hieron creates a romantic and spiritual atmosphere from a time of legend past. Wander the magical pastures of this immersive landscape!

Stepping Out

Rockin’ R’n’B for the jilted heart. Building on mykleanthony’s “Don’t Come Around Here Anymore,” ScOmBer brings a dynamite vocal backed with a sweet rhythm guitar.

Waste Sound

Psydub with an industrial vibe. Using elements from MalreDeszik, Wiseman builds a bright and catchy psydub atmosphere that will move your body and mind.
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