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High energy hip hop electro rock. Raja_ffm remixes the powerful vocals of So Sha and Aidizzy (with co-songwriting by Jacy Sim) into a hard hitting, energetic club-ready hit.
Kara Square
Play Kaba

Noise in the Garden

Energizing DnB with fast breakbeats and rapid bass. Apoxode’s masterful re-sequencing, editing and mixing includes Calling Sister Midnight’s vocals, Zenboy1955’s drum and bass sounds, and MalreDeszik’s synth and melody. The playful use of vocals makes this track extra fun and catchy.
Kara Square


by: Anchor
Inspiring sonic art brought to you by the powerful vocals of Anchor. Initially collaborating with Timberman, Anchor includes sounds from oberonskye and Vidian to create a powerful piece to help uplift and guide you. Take a moment to let this soulful music stir your soul.
Kara Square
Play Grail

Andante Sostenuto

by: Hieron
Classical fans will love this relaxing rendition of Anton Diabelli’s “Andante Sostenuto.” Starting with Javolenus’ compassionate acoustic guitar, Hieron adds choral vocals, cello, bass and mandolin to create an inspired arrangement. Take a listen to this gentle and romantic offering.
Kara Square


Zep Hurme delivers sonic energy that rises from the depths of the earth with intricate, Gabriel-like production all the while shining the spotlight on Scomber’s powerful vocals. A must listen!
Play Gone


by: Speck
In tribute to Tobias Weber, Speck’s remix of Tobias’ work highlights his expressive, emotionally-stirring guitar prowess. Beats from 7OOP3D support the sympathetic musical journey.
Kara Square


Tearful ballad for a broken heart. Hear the delicate vocals of Amelia June (Trifonic) with a backing track from the beloved Tobias Weber (Aussens@iter). Mixed by Dan_Mantau, let this heartrending ballad comfort you in our time of mourning.
Play Lies

Tribute to Tobias Weber

Heartfelt ballad for the soul. Hear Snowflake’s inspiring song of hope with a backing track by the beloved Tobias Weber (Aussens@iter). Mixed together by Stefan Kartenberg, let this soothe your heart in our time of mourning.

Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

by: Rewob
This sultry groove matches well with a Stellar pell by Snowflake. Smooth the whole way through. Adding to my best of 2023 playlist for sure!

A Heart With Your Name On It

Romantic rock ballad. echo_orbit provides the incredibly well produced backing track for Kara Square’s tender and poignant vocals about the nature of love. Let your heart melt to this romantic remix.🧡🧡🧡

My Time (nonrefundant mix)

by: Speck
Synth-Rock Blues with a swing. Feel the uplifting vibes as Speck masterfully braids the backing track for Wiseman’s “My Time,” using elements of the original as well as from Ben Blohowiak. Let this be your anthem today!

On The Edge

Upbeat sampladelic hip-hop. Creating a steady backing track for SackJo22’s “Not Yet Crossing,” Wiseman builds a wonderfully catchy hook with guitars from Javolenus and Ezra Skull, a vocal cut from Concept of Energy, and a finishing dash of Kara Square.
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