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Editors' Picks

The Lesson is a Parallel Path

Get down, touch the ground and trust the path with this brilliant mix from Joel Frijters. “The Lesson” features sounds and beats from Mana Junkie as Joel takes you on an epic journey through the egoic dark night of the soul into the light of 1000 trees.

Amplify the Light (Coherence Remix)

Electronic swing with an edge. Ben Blohowiak provides a powerhouse of a backing track for Madam Snowflake’s “Amplify the Light” with a catchy swing. Mind the bass bins with this one, it’s quite seismic!

The Light Shines

by: 7OOP3D
Synth rock with a downtempo vibe. With expansive and intricate instrumentation, 7OOP3D create a heavy duty atmosphere for SackJo22’s “The Light Shines.”

Parallel Paths

R’n’B ballad with a romantic glow. Building on martinsea’s “growing apart,” mykleanthony delivers a harmony-rich ballad with a radiant backing track.

When I Start Again

by: Rewob
Chill downtempo with a touch of trap. For SO SHA’s “Inside Me,” Rewob provides a strong, orchestral backing track to match the intensity of emotion.


Chill hip-hop with a meditative vibe. With samples from Joel Frijters, airtone creates an intricate and vibrant atmosphere. Achieve your enlightenment with this groovy remix!

reflect ft airtone

This sound collage shimmmers with dreamy sunlight. Great for a video edit of your summer vacation highlights.

Abstract Music ft Abstract Audio

Close your eyes and listen to the MUSIC! Apoxode’s brilliantly creative mix of Abstract Audio has a groove that sticks like a bug! This track deserves multiple listens for all of its cleverness.

Parallel Pathways

Electronic anthem with dual meanings. With a selected combination of Ant.Survila’s stems, Madam Snowflake reveals the Tenet-esque nature of the artist as they balance two different lives. Spiral with this cinematic anthem into the nexus of creativity.


Modern house with a vintage sound. Bubbling with funk, Rataxes brings the summer house vibes with this fresh take on Madam Snowflake’s “Humanity.”

Colour Over Blue (Feat. Aminimal)

Skillfully remixing the Scomber/Sleeperspaceborn collaboration, Colour Over Blues, Aminimal delivers an excellent 80s style power ballad complete with a soaring guitar solo and power guitar outro.

The Freedom Of Ghosts

Heartrending ballad with a tearful warmth. In memory of the dearly beloved Sinead O’Connor, Radioontheshelf creates a strong backing track for SO SHA’s delicately performed ballad.
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