Editors' Picks

The Seventh Day Seraphim

by: Anchor
Ambient ode with a subtle lamentation. Using Incardine’s “Seraphim (The Seventh Day Remix),” Anchor weaves the music (with contributions from his sister) with an impassioned ode to the spirit of the season.

Under the Stars

by: 7OOP3D
Celestial trip-hop with global concern. 7OOP3D bring the electro rock vibes to this highly nuanced backing track for Madam Snowflake’s “Under the Stars.” Resonate with Snowflake’s message today with this dramatic remix.

The Night Before Christmas

Festive holiday jingle with a dash of nostalgia. texasradiofish invite you to enjoy SackJo22’s wonderful reading of “The Night Before Christmas” with this joyful remix for the holiday season. Bundle up and relive the legend of St. Nick today!

More Speckulations

Spacious jazz with a joyful spirit. Joining the mixtersation between Speck and Martijn de Boer, Stefan Kartenberg brings the drums and some sweet brass magic to this virtual jam session. Let this inspire you today!

Toyland (featuring Kara Square)

by: Speck
Jazzy downtempo with a festive feel. In this cautionary tale about growing up, Speck provides a magnificently sourced backing track for Kara Square’s song of the same name. Produced to perfection, let this seasonal alternative balance your spirits today.

Clean Getaway

Rock ballad with an inspirational theme. narva9’s “Clean Getaway” is given a rock ballad backing track produced by raja_ffm, bringing this tale of heartbreak to a heroic height. Today’s anthem for the jilted!

Strange Heads Refracting

Funky trip-hop with a spiritual glow. Utilizing seven different ccMixter sources, septahelix creates a luminous soundscape that blends rock and electro vibes. Experience this rewarding meditation today!


by: Bocrew
Ambient dub with a prismatic radiance. Inspired by and including Snowflake’s “World Below the Brine,” Bocrew create an enchanting undersea environment in this ambient dub remix. Submerge yourself for this experience.

There For You (Electro chill)

Chill downtempo with a lugubrious feel. MoEoStar is back with an amazing remix of K4THIRYN’s “There For You.” With the bass up front, this captivating groove will hypnotize you with its catchy melody.

Let In The Hope

Acid jazz with a soulful glow. Rataxes provides an elegantly nuanced backing track with excerpts from Mr_Yesterday’s “Let the Walls Come Down.” Let this swinging deep groove be your anthem today!

Traveling Lights

Effervescent R’n’B with a touch of lament. With the addition of dreamy strings and elements of trip hop, Dan_Mantau adapts J.Lang’s “Mermaid Song” into a resplendent backing track for Lisa De Benedictis’ “Traveling Lights.”

Departures (Duet for piano and bass)

Jazz duet with an idyllic glow. Untethered by percussion, Martijn de Boer provides Doxent Zsigmond’s freely played “Departure” with an intricate fretless bass accompaniment.
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