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ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest

ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest: Universe of Music


ccMixter Big Summer Music FestInspired by the big summer music festivals like Coachella and Bonaroo, this remarkable event is a virtual global event. From all over the free-sharing-culture spectrum, artists will come together to create and share music in a wide variety of genres under the theme Universe of Music.

Imagine visiting an intimate stage in a tented room featuring unplugged singer-songwriters then segue into an open-aired stage where the sounds of reggae, blues, and funk fill the late afternoon. The night will light up with the energy of outdoor theatres under the stars. And then enter ethereal tents where DJ's spin the latest EDM into the wee morning hours.

No music festival would be complete without a tent dedicated to experimental music, or a chill-room for down-tempo grooves, and a meditation tent featuring ambient sounds.

And for something a little different - unlike a traditional music fest that is 3 days of performances, we get to all collectively create the music for each stage and share that creative process with the world. You can listen to BIG Music Fest tracks as they are uploaded:

Not only can you listen, but you can co-create the music, using Pells, Samples & Remixes recorded for this project, and create your own remix from the source material.

Join us in this celebration of unity through musical diversity! And, consider supporting ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest with a voluntary ticket (use paypal or any major credit card).




  • ccMixter artists share music in all genres -- sharing our music through the “ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest” format provides new means of discovery.
  • There is crazy demand for ccMixter content! Each day we get requests for ccMixter music in YouTube videos, websites, internet radio stations, and more.
  • The ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest provides us a specific opportunity to create music that is requested of us the most, and that can be shared through these channels. For your upload to be included in curations, albums and more, use the ccPlus upload form. (Read more on ccPlus).
  • Of course you can participate in the Festival outside of the ccPlus! Your uploads will still be featured on the stages, rooms and theatre playlists on even if you prefer not to be included on albums and other curations outside the site. All artists are always welcome!


  • Submit pells, samples and remixes for any of these genres: songwriter, unplugged, folk, reggae, funk, blues, rock, alternative, pop_rock, hip_hop, house, dance, dubstep, dnb, trance, breakbeat, electronic, hardcore, ambient, downtempo, experimental, groove, chill, soundscape, trip_hop, etc.
  • Please upload a lossless (flac preferable) in addition to a 128k preview MP3.
  • Help us curate playlists for each “Tent/Stage/Room” from the content submitted by genre. The last three days of the Festival will feature genre based playlists in virtual tents/stages/rooms on ccMixter & TuneTrack, lives-streams, and ccPlus curated playlists featured on Jamendo and the FMA.


Anyone! We invite all ccMixter artists to contribute -- and why not invite a friend to submit a spoken word or a loop to sample or remix? Our friends at the FMA and Jamendo plan to participate too.


The ccMixter BIG Summer Music Festival begins May 30. We will focus on creating content for a specific room/tent/stage for two weeks at a time, until August 22. Of course, you may submit any pell, sample or remix for any of the genres/tents/stages at anytime throughout the Festival. The Festival will conclude with three full days of music featuring all stages, lounges, and tents August 28-30.

  • Contribute: Participating in the ccMixter BIG Summer Music Festival is free for creators and listeners alike! Alas, all festivals need resources to really rock so there is a volunteer ticket option for those who would like to support ccMixter.
  • Tagging: So your track can be easily included in one of the rooms, tents or stages, please tag with one of the outlined genre tags -- adding additional tags is also helpful.
  • ccPlus: Use the ccPlus upload form and include a flac version of your track to be considered for curations, albums and other opportunities with Jamendo, the FMA and other folks beyond ccMixter. All source tracks in your upload must be ccPlus too, so use only ccPlus tagged stems in your remixes for this purpose.

ccMixter Big Summer Music FestHELP CURATE, PODCAST, SHARE

  • Curate Playlists: Help us create the virtual set-lists for the last three days of the festival by curating playlists by genre. Song order makes a difference for the flow of the virtual show! Tag your playlist with the genre for the related stage/room/tent and posts a link here in the forums. Playlists by genre that only include ccPlus content can be featured on partners sites outside of
  • Host podcasts: Host a podcast by genre and help give audible Attribution to artists between songs. How do you create a podcast? Read more here.
  • Libraries: We hope to compile our content into easily searchable libraries for djs, remixers/producers, video makers, etc., in three categories: CC BY, CC BY NC, and ccPlus.
  • Releases: With your help, we’ll create a set of albums that will be mastered with artwork and Attribution that will be distributed on iTunes, Amazon, Jamendo Pro and more. 75% of any funds made are split between the contributing artists on a song, 25% goes to help ccMixter continue to run free. (Some artists have chosen to contribute their earnings back to ccMixter -- we are grateful!!)

ccMixter artists are at the heart of this event with collaboration from artists at Jamendo and the FMA. Sharing with these circles will give us even more opportunity to have our music heard, remixed and tracked-back!


We hope you’ll join the fun! Music of all ilks and style is welcome! :)

Note: a special thanks to KungFu for creating the artwork for this event.