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Reviews left by Nickleus

Sun, Dec 2 6:24 AM Nickleus review of Melting Into Silver Snow by Speck
very cool and mysterious opening, i love it! :) did i hear Chopin's "Nocturne #2...
Sat, Dec 1 3:27 AM Nickleus review of Monsters (2nd Mix) by Psykick
very cool :)
Tue, Nov 20 3:08 PM Nickleus review of Desire by Wolken
f-ing fresh! adding to my "best of ccmixter" playlist :)
Mon, Nov 19 12:38 PM Nickleus review of mysterious light bells by Robbero
heeeeell yeah! dope. added to my "best of ccmixter" playlist :)
Sun, Nov 11 3:29 AM Nickleus review of Resq Rabbitz & The Archipelagos Of Sandy Lagos + loops by coruscate
this one is DOPE! adding it to my "Best of ccMixter" playlist :)
Sun, Nov 11 3:25 AM Nickleus review of Beware The Grinning Crocodile ft. KidJazz, Tazzista, PorchCat and Klaus Neumaier by coruscate
Sun, Nov 11 3:23 AM Nickleus review of Random Verse Ft. Nickleus by coruscate
ha ha! i'm honored ;) nice :)
Sun, Aug 26 9:27 AM Nickleus review of The Scream by thanvannispen
f-ing awesome man!
Thu, Jun 7 2:02 AM Nickleus review of Fun Moments 2 by Psykick
cool, classic techno track =)
Tue, May 15 11:51 AM Nickleus review of Psycho Freak (Final Edit) by Psykick
prima clubbing music =) i imagine myself dancing in a dark room packed full of p...
Sat, May 12 3:33 AM Nickleus review of My Eyes Are Open by texasradiofish
very well put together, very chill =)
Sat, Mar 24 3:40 AM Nickleus review of Baby, I'm Gone by texasradiofish
chill and nice to listen to, great job! =)
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