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Reviews left for Nickleus

Fri, Oct 23 11:37 PM Zapac review of Descension Oh Yeah 20150119 v2 + stems by Nickleus
Great! Thank you so mutch! Your page is a goldmine!
Sun, Nov 15 1:51 PM Snowflake review of 30 drum and synth loops 20091101 by Nickleus
such a wonderful collection of stems. thank you.
Wed, Jan 21 10:01 PM opus_opium review of k. kawai grand piano loops from live recording by Nickleus
A Beauty!
Fri, Apr 11 11:50 AM SackJo22 review of drum beats loops 20130623 by Nickleus
These are great samples. Thanks for sharing!
Thu, Jun 13 10:11 AM Speck review of an old, old wooden ship (piano samples) by Nickleus
Cool. Thanks for taking the time to configure and upload such a good sample pack...
Wed, Jun 12 9:52 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of an old, old wooden ship (piano samples) by Nickleus
Very pretty, Nickleus
Thu, May 23 12:23 AM Javolenus review of string trio in F# romanian scale samples by Nickleus
Great motif, sounds fresh and original. Very cool!
Sun, May 12 6:37 AM Javolenus review of korg kaossilator beat loop 20090723893 by Nickleus
Nice -- lots of possibilities, thanks for sharing!
Tue, May 7 1:22 PM Speck review of clocks "cs feeling" loops by Nickleus
Can't say when or how but I'm pretty sure I'll be using these. Appreciate the up...
Mon, May 6 3:05 AM Speck review of run hilde run (cello, bass strings loops) by Nickleus
Excellent sample pack. Thanks for sharing.
Fri, Jan 25 4:20 PM coruscate review of 16th century fog (drums and synth samples) by Nickleus
Nice and smoky! Soundtrack music!
Fri, Dec 28 8:23 AM Speck review of canyon delay kick drum beat samples by Nickleus
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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