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Reviews left by Nickleus

Mon, Mar 14 3:55 AM Nickleus review of Kung Fu Cosplay (Sword of Destiny Mix) by spinningmerkaba
funky, interesting mix!
Sat, Oct 10 12:08 PM Nickleus review of A Visible Piece of Humanity by texasradiofish
awesome :)
Sun, Aug 30 5:01 AM Nickleus review of Come Back to Me by texasradiofish
very nice groove, great lyrics n vocals; well done! :)
Sat, Mar 29 5:13 AM Nickleus review of Dance or Die by texasradiofish
funky, yeah!
Thu, Feb 6 3:36 PM Nickleus review of Terra Incognita (2nd mix) by @nop
very cool! :)
Fri, Jan 17 2:07 AM Nickleus review of Various Cs by @nop
very interesting use of the strings samples, i like this :)
Thu, Jan 9 12:58 PM Nickleus review of Your Touch Is Cold by Skill_Borrower
sexy, romantic chill
Tue, Dec 31 9:47 AM Nickleus review of krokus by listamin
Really cool :) The "vocals" remind me of Brett from Flight of the Conchords :)
Sun, Dec 22 11:26 AM Nickleus review of Daisy Waves by Skill_Borrower
very chill indeed :)
Fri, Nov 29 11:53 AM Nickleus review of First Place by My Free Mickey
very cool, nice job :)
Sun, Nov 10 5:35 AM Nickleus review of More for a Woman to Lose by texasradiofish
like that beat ;) cool track, cool lyrics :)
Mon, Sep 30 1:49 AM Nickleus review of My Famous Last Words by texasradiofish
very chill!
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