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Reviews left by Nickleus

Sat, Jul 11 9:56 AM Nickleus review of HUEY- Say it Loud Mix !!!! by J.Lang
really cool. i'm wondering how the heck one syncs lyrics like this to music, tha...
Thu, Feb 19 6:23 AM Nickleus review of Beginnings and Endings (GE Feel for More mix) by George_Ellinas
this is good =) i'm adding it to my best of ccmixter playlist. thanks for making...
Thu, Feb 19 6:20 AM Nickleus review of Our Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru
i like it! i'm adding this to my best of ccmixter playlist =) nice work
Thu, Feb 19 6:09 AM Nickleus review of by Nitropox@CCmixter
i love it! the best one i've heard in a long time. going on my best of ccmixter ...
Thu, Feb 19 6:03 AM Nickleus review of The song of Wandering Aengus by Citizen Nyx
beautiful piano =) i love it =)
Thu, Feb 19 5:49 AM Nickleus review of café connection by morgantj
very interesting. i like it. nice work =)
Sat, Nov 15 12:41 AM Nickleus review of Oscillation by jaspertine
hey cool song, thanks for semi-sampling me ;) jk. i liked it. keep them coming.
Sun, Nov 9 3:36 PM Nickleus review of Funk #2 by billraydrums
nice beats here =)
Sun, Nov 9 3:33 PM Nickleus review of ToraToraTora by WeselyShon
wow, this one was all over the place, which in a way makes it interesting becaus...
Tue, Nov 4 2:49 PM Nickleus review of TRVoilent by minimal_art
thanks for sampling =) this was cool. do you have a longer version?
Sun, Oct 5 11:33 PM Nickleus review of Existentialism by morgantj
thanks for sampling =) really interesting track here =) i like the musicbox chim...
Fri, Sep 12 5:59 AM Nickleus review of ninedeeninefurscentnoise by duckett
how'd i miss this one? cool.
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