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Reviews left by Nickleus

Sun, Oct 31 3:31 PM Nickleus review of Homework by gurdonark
very interesting creation =) how did you do the synth part? was there any random...
Wed, Oct 6 4:13 PM Nickleus review of brokenheadphones2 by fatso784
fatso i really like this! it has been a long time since i've added something to ...
Mon, Sep 20 3:26 PM Nickleus review of Panis Angelicus (Coru's Mellow CCmixter Mix) by coruscate
reminds me a little of a DJ Ken Wallace session =)
Sat, Sep 4 2:33 PM Nickleus review of 66 is the BPM of the Devil! by coruscate
coruscate, the part you made was really cool! is it possible to get your part *w...
Sun, Mar 28 5:20 PM Nickleus review of The Getaway by panu
i like the mood it creates =)
Sun, Feb 28 11:35 PM Nickleus review of Arrive, Dreams, Arrive. by Kaer Trouz
really beautiful! one of my favorites on ed.picks page 1.
Mon, Nov 16 6:34 AM Nickleus review of Final Test by cdala
just listened to Ambience Fx C Dala. really cool!
Mon, Nov 16 12:42 AM Nickleus review of WhiCu by Pitx
really cool guitar pitx =)
Mon, Nov 16 12:37 AM Nickleus review of Ooma Gooma... by Alex
this was wild =) cool lyrics, cool music =) (wondering why this was under "sampl...
Mon, Nov 16 12:33 AM Nickleus review of Mojo Train Beat by billraydrums
nice and steady =) great job =)
Tue, Nov 10 1:11 AM Nickleus review of The Way by Pitx
wow, really crisp and clear. i love it! nice work pitx =) would go nice with som...
Sat, Oct 31 4:07 AM Nickleus review of Trick or Treat by MC Jack in the Box
cool little track jack, happy halloween!
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