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Thu, Mar 8 1:54 AM Nickleus review of Martinis On The House (The V.I.P. Room Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
dope mix gorilla =) nice beats and hilarious "ooh ooh ooh" guy in the background...
Thu, Mar 8 1:52 AM Nickleus review of Hard Moon by Pitx
a nice clean track. good work. added to my favs =)
Thu, Mar 8 1:46 AM Nickleus review of Ana (cinematrik's smooth dub) by cinematrik
a really strong, moving song. great job! added to my favs.
Tue, Mar 6 11:54 AM Nickleus review of Who Am I To Disagree(Minima) by minimal_art
nice vocals and i love that sax on the beach! good job baby cakes!
Tue, Mar 6 11:51 AM Nickleus review of Mind Field by DJ BLUE
a classic good house track. djblue, you sure know how to lay down a good track =...
Tue, Mar 6 11:47 AM Nickleus review of Mega Colaboration - Welcome to Mixter by cdk
started off a little slow and i almost went away, but i'm glad i didn't, it is p...
Tue, Mar 6 11:42 AM Nickleus review of "Stop" (blue mix) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
pretty dope!
Sat, Mar 3 8:51 AM Nickleus review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
i love the singing AND the beats! what language is he singing in?
Sat, Mar 3 8:47 AM Nickleus review of U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) by U_F_O
frickin awesome!
Sat, Mar 3 8:44 AM Nickleus review of Surreal in Vienna by _ghost
i really like it. its full of life =)
Sat, Feb 24 6:05 AM Nickleus review of So Official - The Official Bootleg remix by J.Lang
awesome song! love it! my first time being sampled too, thanks =)
Tue, Feb 6 4:01 PM Nickleus review of Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix) by William Berry
sweetness. this one should be on the first page of the editorial picks =)
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