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Reviews left by Nickleus

Wed, May 2 6:25 PM Nickleus review of Acoustik Guitar Pick Pat 1 EQ by Klaus_N
nice klaus. you rock. literally.
Wed, May 2 6:21 PM Nickleus review of Why Me? by slumberlords
nice job. pretty funky =)
Wed, May 2 6:18 PM Nickleus review of JUST TALK BEAT 90BPM by ASHWAN
nice bro!
Wed, May 2 6:16 PM Nickleus review of Handel (88 BPM) by The Suit, Inc.
this was wicked awesome. i love new interpretations of classical pieces. word to...
Mon, Apr 30 2:46 AM Nickleus review of Revolve by cinematrik
Hi, i'm writing a script for a TV show and this song is among my top choices fo...
Mon, Mar 26 5:45 PM Nickleus review of Agent Orange by Sawtooth
frickin awesome! the song title fits great, i think of a spy theme or something....
Wed, Mar 21 12:28 PM Nickleus review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
definitely not "boring my backside" this one =) i like the 2 different vocal typ...
Wed, Mar 21 12:22 PM Nickleus review of Ego (Common Splice Mix) by bytewhore
i like the beats, good job. i think maybe this song, in another version, could h...
Wed, Mar 21 12:19 PM Nickleus review of Frequency(New Toyz Mix) by CptCrunch
i love the 1950's speaking and the beat is always driving forward. great job. gi...
Wed, Mar 21 12:15 PM Nickleus review of February (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
all around good song. way to go =) high "5" if you know what i mean? ;)
Wed, Mar 21 12:09 PM Nickleus review of Jungle Madness by stubZz
the background beat reminds me of a song off the Saint soundtrack. good job. dow...
Wed, Mar 21 12:04 PM Nickleus review of Blue Eyed Silicon by PorchCat
paranoid android in the jungle =) sweet.
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