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Bored on Your Backside

uploaded: Fri, Feb 11, 2005 @ 4:09 PM
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This track combines percussion, instrument, and vocal samples from many of the WIRED CD songs. For the main vocal, we cut and pitched Cee-lo’s line “licks, boy, on your backside” to sound like “bored on your backside.” For the chorus, we pitched and added harmonies to a Sister Saviour vocal. And then we threw in some 808s, a couple synths, and after hours of editing, we had ourselves a nice little electro-breaks tune.

"Bored on Your Backside"
by Trifonic

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
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Editorial pick

An amazing mix with strong production qualities and very creative use of the Wired CD sample material. Reminds me of something BT might put out.

DJ Matt Hite