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Reviews left by Nickleus

Fri, Sep 12 5:46 AM Nickleus review of Funki good time by Morusque
nice =) and yes it is funky =)
Wed, Aug 27 9:52 AM Nickleus review of Wicked Noodles Never Get Out (mashup) by Meat_Raffle
hey thanks for the remix =) i like different styles mixed together, keep up the ...
Thu, Aug 7 8:05 AM Nickleus review of Matter Of Time by djG3
pretty cool. sounds like something that should be on the radio =)
Thu, Aug 7 8:02 AM Nickleus review of Less than three by Luis Mondragon
love that beat. cool =)
Sat, Feb 16 3:35 AM Nickleus review of I Wonder by teru
i like it =) adding it to my "Best of CCMixter" playlist =)
Sat, Feb 16 3:33 AM Nickleus review of Twelve ( In the End ) by Loveshadow
nice tight remix =) adding it to my "Best of CCMixter" playlist =)
Sat, Feb 16 3:28 AM Nickleus review of What Cha Waitin 4 - DT's Dr Strangelove Mix by two_curve
sweetness. couldn't keep MY neck still... =) cool feel good song, good work. add...
Sat, Feb 16 3:25 AM Nickleus review of Short Fuses Burn Long Bridges (bill berry mix) by William Berry
simply awesome =) adding this to my "Best of CCMixter" playlist =)
Mon, Feb 11 12:25 AM Nickleus review of "October" - Chillout / Jazz-Rock ReMiX by The.Spirit.Of.Light
i like it. nice and chill =) putting it on my "Best of CCMixter" playlist.
Mon, Feb 11 12:18 AM Nickleus review of still i by sleeperspaceborn
don't get too much rock here so pretty sweet =) i've added this to my "Best of C...
Mon, Feb 11 12:12 AM Nickleus review of gently (jazz mix) by oldDog
nice and cool =) i'm adding it to my "Best of CCMixter" playlist..
Sun, Feb 10 11:50 PM Nickleus review of Crazy Breaks. by cdk
this one is a cool fantasy =) i added it to my "Best of CCMixter" playlist.
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