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Reviews left by Nickleus

Mon, Mar 19 1:10 AM Nickleus review of Something I Need by texasradiofish
sexy, smooth-jazzy sounding song. i love it =)
Tue, Jul 12 3:30 AM Nickleus review of Rhubarbara by septahelix
very cool and relaxing =) reminds me for some reason of a sunny day in denmark =...
Mon, Mar 14 4:11 AM Nickleus review of Morphy Thing by murat ses
that beatbox panflute intro is especially cool =) the whole song = also cool =)
Mon, Mar 14 4:09 AM Nickleus review of keep goin by Tomas PhUsIoN
fcuking awesome =) love it!
Mon, Mar 14 4:06 AM Nickleus review of pROgraM vs. Us3R by morgantj
this could totally be something like they play on CSI when they're analyzing dat...
Thu, Mar 10 3:01 AM Nickleus review of Gambling addiction by robwalkerpoet
great poem rob! and i *love* listening to australian english =) the funny thing ...
Fri, Feb 25 3:31 AM Nickleus review of March of the SpiderMech by Mana Junkie
TOTAL shoot-em-up music! awesome =)
Mon, Jan 10 2:53 PM Nickleus review of Demonstrate by morgantj
dude! that was full of wicked cuts! very nice! =)
Wed, Jan 5 4:15 AM Nickleus review of Secrets Kept In Glass Jars by Mana Junkie
i like the fade-ins and panning/stereo effects. really cool =)
Fri, Dec 31 2:44 AM Nickleus review of Tango Jam (ft megamuse) by error404
really really cool =) nicely done. love the beat and hands, very moving =)
Thu, Dec 2 4:02 AM Nickleus review of goodbye shadow (misc. mix) by septahelix
very interesting! =) i liked the female vocals too, that was a nice touch =) do ...
Sat, Nov 20 6:13 AM Nickleus review of This Girl by KatazTrophee
this was how they say in norwegian "fett!" added it to my "best of cc mixter" pl...
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