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Reviews left by Nickleus

Mon, May 28 5:32 AM Nickleus review of Guessin Games_The Dirty Water Straight Up R&B Mix by J.Lang
sounds pro dude! nice work =)
Mon, May 28 5:28 AM Nickleus review of F.J.C. (Flaneur Jockey Club) by TRZ
love the trumpet =)
Mon, May 28 5:20 AM Nickleus review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
hey sweet stuff. can you put out an instrumental version?
Sat, May 26 12:02 PM Nickleus review of DeeJeeEeeZed Tellin' you (...quoi? mix) by duckett
dude this was pretty wicked =) i wouldn't have noticed that you weren't a french...
Fri, May 25 12:07 AM Nickleus review of Digital Drama by Herewave
dude, this was pretty cool. i love experimental stuff! i didn't hear any vocals ...
Mon, May 21 12:01 AM Nickleus review of Victrola Daycare (generation gap mix) by duckett
hey that was a cool little mix =) nice job!
Wed, May 2 6:41 PM Nickleus review of Gray Rainbow Guitar by spinningmerkaba
killer riffs dude. i can use this one.
Wed, May 2 6:38 PM Nickleus review of Neh Neh Beat 1 by mkilory
made my feet tap =) nice one.
Wed, May 2 6:34 PM Nickleus review of Modular Sound Monster with voice by skoria
this one made me laugh out loud. sweet mixture of crazy sounds. WWWWWAKAKAKAKA!
Wed, May 2 6:31 PM Nickleus review of Zeus Jones Percussion Groove #002 120bpm by zeusjones
nice drums
Wed, May 2 6:30 PM Nickleus review of Zeus Jones Beat #006 103bpm by zeusjones
i like it =)
Wed, May 2 6:29 PM Nickleus review of WillyWilderBeat by duckett
nice beat dude.
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