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Reviews left by Nickleus

Fri, Jan 4 12:38 PM Nickleus review of GONE by djsociopath
sweet track. i like it =) adding to my playlist "best of ccmixter" =)
Fri, Jan 4 11:23 AM Nickleus review of Undercover by Citizen Nyx
cool chill song =)
Fri, Jan 4 11:22 AM Nickleus review of Six Feet Under (j-tine mix) by jaspertine
i like the vocals. good singer.
Wed, Jul 11 1:40 PM Nickleus review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
wicked awesome dlang! it had a lenny kravitz feel to me. sweet mix dude. *side n...
Wed, Jul 11 1:35 PM Nickleus review of May apeskinny mix by apeskinny
i recognize (luv) that voice. nice work. love that fade in intro =)
Wed, Jul 11 1:32 PM Nickleus review of Madrugada(rmx) by savoyard
nice. is this any way related to the norwegian group called "madrugada"? it soun...
Wed, May 30 1:42 PM Nickleus review of Don Quixote by oldDog
i did like it oldDog! nice job!
Mon, May 28 7:45 AM Nickleus review of Les qui recommencent [tdRMX] by tripledoubler
pretty cool! wish i understood french =)
Mon, May 28 7:34 AM Nickleus review of Drove On By (Remix au Lynch ) by John Pazdan
pretty interesting. that lady needs to remember Exodus 20:7 though =)
Mon, May 28 5:43 AM Nickleus review of ABZ/Future/the day mix by Bocrew
pretty cool. love the "cheese dip" line =) LMAO! nice work.
Mon, May 28 5:38 AM Nickleus review of vadim by grapes
nice, clean and cool =)
Mon, May 28 5:35 AM Nickleus review of "Hip-Hop" by cdk
nice job dude =)
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