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Reviews left by Nickleus

Tue, Oct 13 1:58 PM Nickleus review of Murderer The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
this beat was mutha fcuking tight langsta! "this upload *might* not be safe for ...
Thu, Sep 17 12:37 AM Nickleus review of Spectral Professional by PorchCat
this was really cool! i love it!
Mon, Aug 10 1:06 PM Nickleus review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
love that violin! cool song =)
Fri, Jul 31 4:56 AM Nickleus review of Combis43 by MarcoRaaphorst
really cool ambience =) love that base too. nice work i'm adding this to my Bes...
Fri, Jul 31 4:41 AM Nickleus review of ik kan loggen waar ik wil by MarcoRaaphorst
sweetness, the vocals and the music are just cool =) i know the vocalist is spea...
Fri, Jul 31 4:35 AM Nickleus review of 44 by MarcoRaaphorst
really cool idea marco =) nice
Fri, Jul 31 4:32 AM Nickleus review of Pump drumgroove by MarcoRaaphorst
nice drumming, sounds cool =)
Fri, Jul 31 2:14 AM Nickleus review of Stack of Bitter Memories by Calling Sister Midnight
really cool! i love it =)
Fri, Jul 31 12:48 AM Nickleus review of che ti fa mia by Speck
this is just awesome! i love the piano (props to colab if it was him, i can't te...
Fri, Jul 31 12:42 AM Nickleus review of BIG(.)(.)GIRL by Loveshadow
the title might not be safe for work =) jk. nice work =)
Thu, Jul 30 2:39 AM Nickleus review of MetalHeads by grayhartgray
i like the rhyme: " and you sit in your car with the front door ajar " =)
Thu, Jul 16 1:01 AM Nickleus review of Back On It Drum Loop by duckett
really cool duckett =)
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