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Reviews left by Nickleus

Mon, Apr 29 8:15 AM Nickleus review of Romance for a Disquieting Evening by robwalkerpoet
love that beautiful piano :) really cool mix and mood :)
Thu, Jan 31 11:47 PM Nickleus review of Hu by Astral
very chill and ethereal! i like it! :) adding this to my "best of ccMixter" play...
Mon, Jan 28 1:00 AM Nickleus review of Kaleidoscopic Visions Dubby Mix by coruscate
chill! ;)
Sun, Jan 27 5:10 AM Nickleus review of The Sexiness of 'S' feat. Dave Merrick, nickleus & boboshin by Mimmy
hilarious male "vocals" ;)
Sun, Jan 27 4:47 AM Nickleus review of Port Of Landsdale + Stems by coruscate
nice remix dude! i like your additions--the clap works well :)
Sun, Jan 6 10:12 AM Nickleus review of Don't Abandon Your Companion Animals by coruscate
Be nice to the bunnies everyone! ;)
Sat, Jan 5 1:52 PM Nickleus review of Over Here by Psykick
has a cool "spacey" sound to it, makes me feel like i'm floating away somewhere ...
Sat, Jan 5 1:45 PM Nickleus review of So Weird (Crunchy Disintegration Mix) by artemisstrong
yeah "fragile" and chill, very cool :) i like when the vocal echoes and the pian...
Sat, Dec 29 2:02 PM Nickleus review of Heavenin' Hell by Super_Sigil
cool vocals and chill, trippy feeling to this one :)
Fri, Dec 28 6:12 AM Nickleus review of Different Words (CCMixter Gumbo Mix) by coruscate
those lyrics sound familiar, where are they from? :) i really like the buddhist-...
Wed, Dec 19 12:25 AM Nickleus review of Hope Is Like A River Hot Latin Mix ft. tons of CCMixters! by coruscate
cool ending :)
Tue, Dec 4 1:51 AM Nickleus review of Probed - DJ Stupid by DJStupid
very interesting combination of samples! i'm amazed how you made the beat sync w...
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