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Reviews left by Nickleus

Mon, Sep 23 1:20 AM Nickleus review of Elements (+stems) by stellarartwars
awesome track! great poetry, great music, impressive! :)
Sun, Sep 15 5:02 AM Nickleus review of Don't Go by texasradiofish
very smooth indeed sir :)
Sat, Jun 15 5:44 AM Nickleus review of Shut Your Wah Wah Mouth by texasradiofish
cool and funky :)
Sat, Jun 8 1:04 AM Nickleus review of Model Home (Brad Thuds Mix) by duckett
Totally cool track! :)
Sun, Jun 2 7:55 AM Nickleus review of piano impv 2 by smilingcynic
cool stuff! :)
Wed, May 15 3:37 AM Nickleus review of C95-RoutineMaintenanceMission by Javolenus
Really cool track with a really cool intro :) Love the guitar too :) The fact th...
Mon, May 13 12:20 PM Nickleus review of k. kawai grand piano by Nickleus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
wow, what an interesting mix :) i loved how the bass sounded soft like the piano...
Mon, May 13 12:13 PM Nickleus review of Northern Boys (and Girls) by Javolenus
you have such great vocals :)
Sun, May 12 4:34 AM Nickleus review of Cm85-ThankYou(PianoAndGTR) by Javolenus
really cool track; love the piano+guitar combo :) really cool too how that guy u...
Sun, May 12 4:31 AM Nickleus review of Abandonware by Javolenus
I submitted the jellyfish vimeo video embed code for this one for you :) great t...
Sun, May 12 4:27 AM Nickleus review of Duologue by Javolenus
you sure have a gift for moody music man! :)
Sun, May 12 4:21 AM Nickleus review of Em116-AcouGTR-ImproInOpenEm by Javolenus
really cool--it hit the spot for me right now! ;)
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