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Reviews left by Nickleus

Wed, Mar 21 12:02 PM Nickleus review of Purple - FuriousStereo feat. MC Wanna- by FuriousStereo
sweet job dude. reminded me of prodigy.
Wed, Mar 21 11:53 AM Nickleus review of Game Blocks by octoocta
made me move and kept me awake here at work =) good going
Thu, Mar 15 4:13 PM Nickleus review of Hip Hop for Dummies (sync-oh-pation mix) by misterC
i liked this one. its like totally real. just a nice guy rapping. good work mist...
Thu, Mar 15 4:03 PM Nickleus review of Dreams by Vidian
i really liked this song. what was that crazy tin can sounding sound in the back...
Thu, Mar 15 3:52 PM Nickleus review of Just one man by Click
dude this is awesome. so chill and laid back, but with a steady cool beat =) rea...
Wed, Mar 14 4:53 PM Nickleus review of TOMBOILED [16barsboilthekettle_tdrmx] by tripledoubler
would like the instru version too. nice beats
Wed, Mar 14 3:38 PM Nickleus review of Old tape breakbeat IUZUTAO instru /Miel mix by Bocrew
i liked it. good work. nice hard beat
Sat, Mar 10 11:18 AM Nickleus review of In My Dreams (SoftSheets Mix) by PorchCat
the fixed sync is wicked! great mix! how do i add the fixed sync and not the ori...
Thu, Mar 8 3:13 PM Nickleus review of Waiting the bus at 6 pm by Pitx
you can barely hear the female voice, but it was a nice touch =) i love the soun...
Thu, Mar 8 3:05 PM Nickleus review of All_I_Need_feat. FAM (Onza Remix) by DJ Kryptide
i really like this. i think the vocals were fine how they were. made it interest...
Thu, Mar 8 2:49 PM Nickleus review of blood is thicker (so clearly remix) by plurgid
im not sure you need to do more. i like it, pretty smooth plurgid =) added to my...
Thu, Mar 8 1:44 PM Nickleus review of Time to Take out the Trash vocals by brad sucks
brad you definitely dont suck. your vocals are spectacular!
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