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Resq Rabbitz & The Archipelagos Of Sandy Lagos + loops

uploaded: Thu, Oct 25, 2012 @ 9:10 PM last modified: Thu, Oct 25, 2012 @ 9:32 PM  (add)
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The title song for my book of an evolved race of rabbits after the extinction of mankind.

This is a mix I put together using several kits from and one from Samplephonics. I played along with an egg shaker and my hi-hat. I tried adding some vocaloid voices and while they fit nice with the loops, they don’t create the kind of effect I wanted. With some more patience I could but I’d rather move onto the next song. This instrumental was done for a week before I added original materials.

All loops in C Major.

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops in zip

  • /hi-hats.wav (9.99MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 2 b.wav (2.75MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 2 c.wav (2.75MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 2.wav (2.75MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 3 b.wav (1.84MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 3 c.wav (1.84MB)
  • /ho whoa lola 3.wav (1.84MB)
  • /ho whoa lola b.wav (1.84MB)
  • /ho whoa lola c.wav (1.84MB)
  • /ho whoa lola.wav (1.84MB)
  • /vocal test leon.wav (1.84MB)
  • /vocal test.wav (1.84MB)
  • /drumsticks.wav (1,023.15KB)
  • /hihatcrash.wav (1,023.15KB)

"Resq Rabbitz & The Archipelagos Of Sandy Lagos + loops"
by coruscate

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