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Reviews left by Zapac

Sat, Nov 14 1:24 AM Zapac review of Strong Black Coffee by Apoxode
Hey, it's great! I love it!
Fri, Nov 13 10:41 AM Zapac review of Sally's Waiting by ScOmBer
I don't know what to talk about, first. About your poem, or vocal, or your empat...
Wed, Nov 11 5:35 AM Zapac review of The Blacksmiths Horse by Radioontheshelf
I appreciate when the composer has something concept. When tells me a story by t...
Wed, Nov 11 5:25 AM Zapac review of Say so long to common sense by sparky
Yes, as you said...FUNKY!
Wed, Nov 11 5:24 AM Zapac review of Ground Zero by cube3
The music and vocal, both are excellent. Congrats!
Wed, Nov 11 5:19 AM Zapac review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
Very hard to add something to Stefan Kartenberg's works, but you did it!
Wed, Nov 11 5:08 AM Zapac review of Small Back Room Soft Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
This is one of my favourite combo. A piece of lazy smooth jazz with Ciggi's sin...
Sun, Nov 8 11:46 AM Zapac review of In the clouds by Stefan Kartenberg
More than five minutes. You have to know, that I'm the biggest "fast-forward-man...
Sun, Nov 8 7:30 AM Zapac review of Sonny Panu and Ciggi Cher by Radioontheshelf
You made a nice date to my favourite singers. And that brasses! I have some empt...
Sat, Nov 7 11:52 PM Zapac review of Black Is The Night by Dan_Mantau
Like Darkroom wrote. It was my first think. So smooth... Fine, elegant, I love i...
Sat, Nov 7 11:41 PM Zapac review of Fashion by ScOmBer
Sat, Nov 7 1:54 AM Zapac review of Snow (Gretta´s Dream) by onlymeith
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