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Reviews left by Zapac

Fri, Nov 6 10:36 PM Zapac review of November shuffle by Stefan Kartenberg
I had a smile on my face the whole time. I love it!
Fri, Nov 6 10:53 AM Zapac review of Don't You Think That I by texasradiofish
Congrats E-E! Another masterpiece!
Fri, Nov 6 10:49 AM Zapac review of Open Your Eyes by mykleanthony
I love it!
Fri, Nov 6 10:43 AM Zapac review of Hallows Evening by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow! It sounds like it was written with Scomber at the same time. The music live...
Thu, Nov 5 7:18 AM Zapac review of Evening by onlymeith
Wed, Nov 4 6:21 AM Zapac review of OMcraig piano solo by onlymeith
Very nice! May i have a question? What does OMcraig mean?
Wed, Nov 4 6:18 AM Zapac review of Philly by onlymeith
wonderful music!
Tue, Nov 3 12:44 PM Zapac review of The Steps We Take by Radioontheshelf
Very, very nice composition. Maybe your music just waited for a right time. Tha...
Tue, Nov 3 12:27 PM Zapac review of We will rise to the top by Darkroom
Nice work! Good to see my friend Error404, "under construction" :) I hope he wi...
Tue, Nov 3 12:10 PM Zapac review of We Are the Dead (VR Graveyard Mix) by duckett
Nice work!
Mon, Nov 2 11:40 AM Zapac review of Send me more Oil Oman Pellas & Stems by ScOmBer
I love it! Prince of Persia
Sun, Nov 1 12:06 PM Zapac review of Panu's Bandstand by texasradiofish
Lively, varied, rich in details, and a good smoky jazzy stuff, I love it!
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