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Reviews left by Zapac

Tue, May 10 9:20 AM Zapac review of wonderful dream by jacindae
Brilliant lyrics, brilliant song. I agree with Urmymuse, you are an artist, who ...
Mon, May 9 12:15 PM Zapac review of Love a Man by SackJo22
Yes, Donniedrost gave the keyword. Susan style. It includes all parameters. Crea...
Mon, May 9 11:54 AM Zapac review of Love a Man Guitars by Ezra Skull
Wow! Fantastic! Thank you!
Mon, May 9 11:50 AM Zapac review of Matter of Time (remix) by Nethis
66 times remixed, if I counted well. I agree with Rocavaco, but what can someone...
Sun, May 8 12:01 PM Zapac review of Summertime by ScOmBer
I'm already in my swim trunks :) Great Summer Song!
Sun, May 8 11:49 AM Zapac review of Slippin' & Slidin' by texasradiofish
First, I'd like to thank you for inviting me to this group. I hope it will be co...
Sun, May 8 11:34 AM Zapac review of BELOW CSOUL REMIX by CSoul
Cool! Peace!
Sun, May 8 11:30 AM Zapac review of Mothers Day Song by Jeris
Hmm... I think, it touches everyone. Beautiful!
Sun, May 8 11:26 AM Zapac review of My Mother's Voice by debbizo
It's very beautiful Debbi!
Sat, May 7 8:58 AM Zapac review of Eternity by rocavaco
This volume is enough to me. Very nice, relaxing music! Especially thanks for tr...
Sat, May 7 8:34 AM Zapac review of Thinkin' About It (every 7 seconds) by Zep Hurme
Did you play a trick on me??? About at half time, there is a break. As I picked ...
Sat, May 7 8:17 AM Zapac review of The Aching Eyes by onlymeith
Beautiful! As I'm listening to you, I'm realizing my mistakes. Don't need a lot ...
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