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Reviews left by Zapac

Wed, Dec 30 10:19 AM Zapac review of Black Sun by cwbfoley
I put the tracks together. Nice work! ...and I've been looking for the piano ...
Sun, Dec 27 11:42 PM Zapac review of Albariza by unreal_dm
Very nice instrumentation.
Sat, Dec 26 1:17 AM Zapac review of Piano 8 by AT
Tue, Dec 22 11:27 AM Zapac review of Joy to the World by texasradiofish
Thats great! First I thought it was You and Electronico. :)
Sat, Dec 19 10:55 AM Zapac review of Wiggle Room by unreal_dm
Hot!🤘 It looks like a wrench :)
Thu, Dec 17 12:27 PM Zapac review of Toronto Is My Beat by Whitewolf
Perfect cop series headline music. You caught it, congrats!
Sat, Dec 5 1:27 PM Zapac review of Rosa's Story by Radioontheshelf
Sat, Dec 5 1:16 PM Zapac review of Breaker's Yard by texasradiofish
That guitar sound! I love it!
Sat, Dec 5 1:05 PM Zapac review of Hold On by unreal_dm
It's a good song. very good. I would prefer this one, instead some other tracks ...
Fri, Dec 4 2:59 AM Zapac review of Spaceship Candy War by Apoxode
Wow! It's a gold mine, thank you Apoxode.
Tue, Dec 1 12:30 PM Zapac review of Ten Years (Septahelix Was Here) by septahelix
Nice arrangement. Thank you to use my stuff.
Mon, Nov 30 10:59 AM Zapac review of Lay low by sparky
Yes, it's really a music for film! Thanks for the stems.
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