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Reviews left by Zapac

Sun, Jun 5 10:55 AM Zapac review of The Narrator by Kara Square
Wow! It's fantastic, Kara! Thank you!
Mon, May 30 6:09 AM Zapac review of Denied by Steven M Bryant
Superb!!! ...pardon! Cooool!
Fri, May 27 10:48 AM Zapac review of Desert Mirage by Fireproof_Babies
Wow! Many thanks, FB!
Fri, May 27 10:46 AM Zapac review of Wooden Flute Melody by Kara Square
Many thanks, Kara!
Fri, May 27 10:37 AM Zapac review of Shchedrik (Ukraine) Trailer by Tobi
Awesome! Great sounding, great composition! The russian choir is very good. lol ...
Wed, May 25 1:20 PM Zapac review of You Were With Us (Harmonica) by Bluemillenium
What can I say? FANTASTIC!
Wed, May 25 1:17 PM Zapac review of Hourglass by copperhead
Something special. Very exciting arranging! I love it!
Tue, May 24 7:01 AM Zapac review of Jazz/Blues In A @100 bpm by unreal_dm
I was looking for exactly like this. :) Thank you!
Mon, May 23 11:17 AM Zapac review of Hope For the Best ( In Loving Care ) by CSoul
Wonderful enigmatic soundscape! Superb!
Mon, May 23 11:07 AM Zapac review of Love Me Too by unreal_dm
Excellent work, Unreal! I love it!
Mon, May 23 10:49 AM Zapac review of 100 Paper Washingtons by Bluemillenium
Very nice arrangement, BM! The beautiful harmonica part is a direct hit!
Mon, May 23 10:39 AM Zapac review of I Caught You by texasradiofish
Soul funk masterpiece. You did it again!
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