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Reviews left by Zapac

Wed, May 4 9:33 AM Zapac review of Dance in the Rain Csoul Party Mix by CSoul
Let's dance! Not just in the rain. Hot mix, CSoul!
Wed, May 4 9:30 AM Zapac review of SEED(remix) by Nethis
Very nice!
Wed, May 4 9:29 AM Zapac review of Can't We... by Jeris
Yes! A little dirty funk.yum-yum. The clavi is dreadfully good. Finally, how muc...
Tue, May 3 2:02 PM Zapac review of Equality by Zep Hurme
What would reggae be, without reggae clich├ęs? :) Excellent work, Zep!
Tue, May 3 1:26 PM Zapac review of Dyeing by Benjamin Orth
Hey, Benjamin! Do you work as composer on Broadway ? It's a stage-ready, fantast...
Tue, May 3 1:14 PM Zapac review of Lazarus by Jeris
Wow! I don't know how many chords are there, but it's an a-w-e-s-o-m-e mix. ...
Mon, May 2 10:38 AM Zapac review of El Tango de la Esperanza Perdida by Jeris
Sun, May 1 8:57 AM Zapac review of Ear Comes To Snow by Zep Hurme
Sun, May 1 8:53 AM Zapac review of Admiral Bob Strikes The Root by copperhead
Sun, May 1 8:50 AM Zapac review of Follow Our Dreams by onlymeith
Dramatic! Exellent producer work and instrumentation.
Sun, May 1 8:39 AM Zapac review of Give it up by Donnie Drost
Excellent work, Donnie! As you mix the guitar with violins, it's delightful! Did...
Sat, Apr 30 12:48 PM Zapac review of Sad to See (Chorus) by debbizo
Very nice! I don't mind the effect. It gives me some "gramophone" feeling. Very ...
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