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Reviews left by Zapac

Wed, Jun 8 11:18 PM Zapac review of Runaway by Steven M Bryant
Very sympathetic, as you speak about yourself in a personal tone. Your lyrics is...
Sun, Jun 5 12:20 PM Zapac review of Earth is my church by Jeris
Your instrumentation is always fantastic! ...and the mastering. ...and the comp...
Sun, Jun 5 12:08 PM Zapac review of Dj Bodeha v SackJo22 - hope for the best by Bogdan Markowicz
Wow! Very sensitive orchestration.
Sun, Jun 5 12:05 PM Zapac review of So Sweet by Benjamin Orth
Nice work Ben! Jump into my Cooool list! :)
Sun, Jun 5 12:02 PM Zapac review of Was it a Dream? by unreal_dm
Here is my favourite band!
Sun, Jun 5 11:59 AM Zapac review of Little Soldier ( new chorus) by copperhead
Wow! It's FANTASTIIC! I love it!
Sun, Jun 5 11:58 AM Zapac review of Little Soldier by Steven M Bryant
Very very very very good!
Sun, Jun 5 11:51 AM Zapac review of Song 4 B PB-version by PBDoetMee
Very nice!
Sun, Jun 5 11:50 AM Zapac review of Denied by Alex
Sun, Jun 5 11:48 AM Zapac review of Bad Luck by Hans Atom
Sun, Jun 5 11:46 AM Zapac review of We are in love by Negopoeta
Sun, Jun 5 10:59 AM Zapac review of Who Decides , Which Side Is Good by CSoul
Nice work, CSoul! Thanks for using my sample!
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