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Reviews left by Zapac

Fri, May 6 11:22 AM Zapac review of Inferno is a place on earth by Hans Atom
Oh my god! Another flash-hand guitarist. I have to go retire. :) I love the guit...
Fri, May 6 11:12 AM Zapac review of Everything I Ever Want by unreal_dm
It's very beautiful!
Fri, May 6 11:06 AM Zapac review of Minimal Expenditure by Speck
Thanks for the samples! Downloaded ;)
Fri, May 6 11:02 AM Zapac review of Chance by Kara Square
Great idea, great implementation. Do you need anything else to a successful proj...
Fri, May 6 10:47 AM Zapac review of First Love by Steven M Bryant
Interesting to hear your voice -after some nice rock ballad- in this style, but ...
Fri, May 6 10:33 AM Zapac review of River by Zep Hurme
The guitar is very realistic. Did you work a lot with it? Great mix, Zep!
Thu, May 5 10:15 AM Zapac review of Worth The Wait by Steven M Bryant
Very nice!!
Thu, May 5 10:11 AM Zapac review of Sorry by copperhead
You surprised me! It's very-very soulful, nice song!
Thu, May 5 10:03 AM Zapac review of Korg Wave Drum demo 100bpm by Fireproof_Babies
Thanks FB! Very ispired. I have an idea. ;)
Thu, May 5 9:59 AM Zapac review of "L'Aquila, april 6, 2009 - earthquake" by Leonardo B.
Very nice!
Thu, May 5 9:57 AM Zapac review of DownPlay by PBDoetMee
Your works are incredible high quality. I'd like to listen to more from you.
Thu, May 5 9:53 AM Zapac review of In Loving Care PB-version by PBDoetMee
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