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Reviews left by Zapac

Mon, May 23 10:26 AM Zapac review of never say goodbuy by natti_15
Wow! Great mix, I love its atmosphere. Congrats, Natti!
Mon, May 23 10:22 AM Zapac review of Apologize CSoulWeekend party mix by CSoul
Hey DJ, keep playing that song! Peace!
Thu, May 19 12:28 PM Zapac review of I Dreamt by Jeris
Is it your voice??? I love it! Keep singing, Jeris!
Tue, May 17 12:34 PM Zapac review of Set Yourself Free (It´s Your Turn) by onlymeith
Usually I harken to music, in search of clever solutions, good ideas. -You know ...
Sun, May 15 10:18 AM Zapac review of Trash the Disco! by Hans Atom
Cooool! I had seen the video, I like it! ...especially the owners of the golden...
Sun, May 15 9:59 AM Zapac review of Worth The Wait by unreal_dm
I was already waiting for a new song from you, with Steven. You created a perfec...
Sun, May 15 9:26 AM Zapac review of Rock Soup by texasradiofish
Wow! How many used samples! I don't understand how did you do it, but it sounds ...
Sun, May 15 9:15 AM Zapac review of Swanker Dub by Jeris
I'm late, sorry! ...but never too late to say, Bravo Jeris!!!
Wed, May 11 12:21 PM Zapac review of Cry Wolf by Fireproof_Babies
Really great work, FB! Congrats!
Wed, May 11 12:19 PM Zapac review of Cry Wolf - Vocal Stems by Kara Square
Fortunately, I speak wolfish a little bit, so I just say, hoooowl!
Tue, May 10 9:54 AM Zapac review of Alternator by Robert Warrington
I see it's your first instrumental uploading. Nice work, Robert! I especially li...
Tue, May 10 9:37 AM Zapac review of Ba-Da! (Vocals) by Kara Square
It's a really good-mood-generator :) Thank you, Kara!
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