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Reviews left by Zapac

Mon, Oct 3 12:08 PM Zapac review of Promise Galactic by texasradiofish
I love it!
Mon, Oct 3 11:56 AM Zapac review of Don't Give Up by Zep Hurme
Mon, Oct 3 11:47 AM Zapac review of Romanes eunt Domus by annabloom
Great cinema, I love it!
Mon, Oct 3 11:44 AM Zapac review of Rooted In Peace - How Hard Is It? by Zep Hurme
Wow! Nice work Zep! Very exciting, rich arrangement. Congrats!
Wed, Sep 28 9:32 AM Zapac review of Nurykabe MIDI 01 by Morusque
Very nice pack, thank you so much!
Tue, Sep 27 10:40 AM Zapac review of The Right Voice by SackJo22
I'm glad, that it's written a long time ago, and those times are gone. Huh, it's...
Tue, Sep 27 9:43 AM Zapac review of Vox Vs. Uke by unreal_dm
Crowded bar, Kara is on the podium with ostrich plumes on her head (very impotan...
Mon, Sep 26 11:22 AM Zapac review of Extinct - Vocals and Guitar by Kara Square
Serious. Thought-provoking. Congrats, Kara!
Sun, Sep 25 4:21 AM Zapac review of Simple things by Zep Hurme
Sometimes the simple things zing up me, as now!
Sun, Sep 25 3:58 AM Zapac review of Truth and Fact by copperhead
I agree with CSoul, WOW! Congrats!
Tue, Jun 21 11:21 AM Zapac review of Magic Moon - Hold me close (vocal funk mix) by RobbH
Bye-bye Magic Moon, hello RobbH! :) Thanks for using my sample.
Tue, Jun 14 10:51 PM Zapac review of The Hook EP 16 (GameSoundCon) by The Hook (w/spinning merkaba)
Thank you, Mr. Hook!
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