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Reviews left by Zapac

Sat, Nov 28 10:25 AM Zapac review of LeMec by MalreDeszik
I don't know what are you talking about, but you do it very funny. :)
Sat, Nov 28 9:44 AM Zapac review of The Capitol Boy by Radioontheshelf
Very nice. The music, the lyrics, the thought. And at the final part the duduk.....
Mon, Nov 23 1:14 PM Zapac review of 2020 by unreal_dm
..and yes! Nice to see you, again! Very nice composition. Thanks for the stems.
Sat, Nov 21 8:52 PM Zapac review of Nobody's Gonna Die by unreal_dm
Amazing! The fine piano work and brass and the drum and...everything.
Sat, Nov 21 8:39 PM Zapac review of All It Takes by panu
Beautiful. It touches everyone
Sat, Nov 21 8:28 PM Zapac review of Brown & Gold (Soft Rock Mix) by unreal_dm
It seems, the idea of new James Bond movie soundtrack is not just my private id...
Sat, Nov 21 1:01 PM Zapac review of Cyborg Rock by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow! Again. Amazing what you do. Eventful and exciting throughout. the wa...
Thu, Nov 19 10:08 AM Zapac review of Four Movements From Space by Radioontheshelf
Wow! Wonderful, awesome, magical. Did I miss something? Yes, I love it!
Wed, Nov 18 4:36 AM Zapac review of YOU by onlymeith
Very nice! I'm glad to be a part of your work.
Tue, Nov 17 4:42 AM Zapac review of 1 Corithians 15:57-58 by Brant Huddleston
Your voice is awesome! I think you are working at a radio station as newsreader....
Mon, Nov 16 6:20 AM Zapac review of The Soldier by Rewob
Very nice. Perfect harmony between music and poem. They strengthen each other.
Sat, Nov 14 1:57 AM Zapac review of Little Septahelix Ditty 3 by septahelix
Good stuff, thank you!
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