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Reviews left by Zapac

Mon, Dec 12 12:09 PM Zapac review of The Electronico and ElRon Interview SackJo22 Episode Part 3 by texasradiofish_podcast
Nice work, all the three pieces! Susan's spoken words sound like the music -to m...
Sun, Nov 13 3:37 AM Zapac review of Funk It Deep Inside by texasradiofish
Yes, that's it! Really hot funk, I love it! Thank you for using my sample. Vérp...
Sun, Oct 30 1:34 PM Zapac review of Here They Come Again by CiggiBurns
Nice to see you again, my Queen! I missed you.
Fri, Oct 28 7:21 AM Zapac review of DJ Death by Hans Atom
Fri, Oct 28 6:36 AM Zapac review of MMTMMP 4 Trick OR Treat Edition by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
I'm glad to see my name with these great composers of ccMixter. Thank you so muc...
Mon, Oct 17 6:35 AM Zapac review of Your Love Is Like a Hurricane by copperhead
Mon, Oct 10 10:09 AM Zapac review of White In The Moon by Geert Veneklaas
Very nice arrangement.
Mon, Oct 10 10:06 AM Zapac review of Give It To Me by Alex
Mon, Oct 10 9:53 AM Zapac review of You Don't Know by Blake
I have no problem with the sound quality. Radio ready.
Fri, Oct 7 9:23 AM Zapac review of Melissa D'Aubergine by texasradiofish
A nice soundtrack indeed. There is everything what a movie-watcher would want. N...
Wed, Oct 5 12:08 PM Zapac review of Shades Of Glass by onlymeith
Beautiful! Images swirl in my mind. Parting, passing, death ... the end of somet...
Wed, Oct 5 10:51 AM Zapac review of Funk It: How It Is (ft Alex & unreal_dm) by SackJo22
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