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Reviews left by khidir

Fri, Nov 7 9:22 PM khidir review of Wired but Disconnected (Dylan's lament) by ScOmBer
This is pretty awesome!
Mon, Nov 3 7:51 PM khidir review of Kill Kill Kill Yourself by jikjax
Excellent work. Sounds like jazzy dub to me.
Sun, Nov 2 8:41 AM khidir review of When Will It End by Alex
Hell, this is great. I didn't expect such an upbeat number from those dreary lyr...
Sat, Nov 1 6:17 AM khidir review of Broken by yurigara
Sounds great, excellent production. This one desperately needs a vocal track to ...
Wed, Oct 29 12:12 AM khidir review of Wired But Disconnected by duckett
Great voice, you got the southern charm right down!
Tue, Oct 28 9:27 PM khidir review of She of Infinite Sorrows by Brant Huddleston
Mon, Oct 27 12:29 PM khidir review of Mississippi Kite by scarecrow
Reminds me of Ladytron, the beauty here is in the simplicity!
Tue, Oct 21 2:41 PM khidir review of Welcome Home by Anchor
Refreshing.. such top-notch delivery and production. This one instantly hits clo...
Mon, Oct 13 9:39 PM khidir review of Secrets by duckett
Great work here. Your singing is pretty much flawless, and I like the falsettos....
Tue, Oct 7 12:29 AM khidir review of Broken Dreams by MC Jack in the Box
I'm really loving this. The pairing of vocals sounds effortless and makes for a ...
Mon, Oct 6 6:46 PM khidir review of Rise Again by frompast0
This worked really well. Love the floyd-esque guitar and laid-back beat!
Mon, Oct 6 12:03 PM khidir review of All Mine by jaspertine
this is definitely music. to me at least.
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