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Reviews left by khidir

Wed, Feb 4 1:03 AM khidir review of At War (Stage One Mix) by Vidian
This is great. Great production. I especially loved the buildup and the beats. T...
Mon, Feb 2 10:59 PM khidir review of az_yao1 by BritishCouncilNZ
Simply amazing.
Mon, Feb 2 8:41 AM khidir review of Qualquiehmohtreta (East Flavour Mix) by ThirteenthMonkey
Amazing production on this. So smooth and full of flavor.
Mon, Feb 2 8:33 AM khidir review of Driftwood Regret (Under Crescent Moon) by ScOmBer
A very nice touch of nostalgia. For some reason it reminded me of 'Wet Hot Ameri...
Sun, Feb 1 9:55 PM khidir review of RUNNING / JESS Beat 02 by Bocrew
i'm feeling this beat, great work!
Sun, Feb 1 1:14 PM khidir review of café connection by morgantj
This is downright amazing and so full of life.
Sun, Feb 1 11:51 AM khidir review of Pickin Up Signals by Loveshadow
Easily the best feel-good song of the year.
Sat, Jan 31 12:31 PM khidir review of Deflated & Alone by Kaer Trouz
A perfect blend. Just the right amount of experimentation, a certain shade of ...
Thu, Jan 29 8:39 AM khidir review of Ever, Forever (piano waltz, var. 02) by Calling Sister Midnight
Those tender vocals almost seems to meander around playfully among gentle piano ...
Thu, Jan 29 7:41 AM khidir review of 250109 rhodes 02 by Morusque
i'm in love with this sample, thanks for uploading.
Mon, Jan 26 9:07 AM khidir review of You think you're so clever (gazstation mix) by Morusque
Those beats sound mighty boss!
Sun, Jan 25 10:26 PM khidir review of CASSANDRA by Bocrew
enjoyed the beats and instrumentation!
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