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Reviews left by khidir

Sun, Jan 25 10:10 PM khidir review of Salty, Nascent, Just For Me by Scott Altham
This is really great, reminds me of the Cure vs Apoptygma berzerk. Great job on ...
Sun, Jan 25 7:05 PM khidir review of Volcano by Fireproof_Babies
you forgot to give attribution to the explosions! edit: the 'shrillness' is p...
Tue, Jan 13 11:16 PM khidir review of The Forest by onlymeith
This is a very nice composition, may I enquire on what you used for the strings?
Fri, Jan 9 7:58 PM khidir review of Fall To Pieces (classic balad) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
this sounds amazing!
Thu, Dec 25 6:45 AM khidir review of Supernova Morning (ft State Shirt) by hypeartist
Holy crap. Mind=blown. Amazing remix, love the work on the vocals and the buildu...
Wed, Dec 24 3:46 AM khidir review of Good ol' blues ft.poet laureate part 1 by Ultrabase
This is great!
Sat, Dec 20 8:01 AM khidir review of I don't care at all in April by Mahadin
This made me smile. Did you record or sample the instruments? Great remix.
Sat, Dec 20 7:57 AM khidir review of Waiting to Come Back Down by jaspertine
Quite inspiring, I might actually record something to this. Thank you.
Fri, Dec 19 5:43 AM khidir review of Coming Home for Xmas (Tears for Andre) by ScOmBer
Quite delicate and very real, the lyrics speak so urgently to me. Thanks for len...
Wed, Dec 17 12:41 AM khidir review of August Memories of 7 Reece Mews by radiotimes
thanks, this actually turned out pretty well! I couldn't imagine how to complime...
Thu, Dec 11 10:13 AM khidir review of A Christmas Card by radiotimes
thanks for cheering up my spirits! *sends a hug*
Sat, Dec 6 4:29 AM khidir review of Fell Out of the Sky [machine remix] by Decaying Machine
love that guitar sound man, how's the recording chain like?
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