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Reviews left by khidir

Sat, Oct 4 12:42 AM khidir review of Your prescient plans by Fireproof_Babies
man, your serious emo lyrics makes this one of the best covers ever! and holy he...
Wed, Oct 1 6:12 PM khidir review of There's Something Wrong- The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
wow, I like this. The driving pulse of the drumbeat really grabs your attention ...
Tue, Sep 30 3:42 AM khidir review of Nat. Geo. Atlas Globe (Song for Daddy) by radiotimes
I have to say this song works really, really well with the spoken word material....
Tue, Sep 30 1:05 AM khidir review of Qualquiehmohtreta (This Wide World mix) by duckett
I can't understand a word either but this sure sounds like something they would ...
Mon, Sep 29 11:22 PM khidir review of With Light in my Beak by Fireproof_Babies
this was a great listen, I'd bring up the vocals a bit more in the beginning tho...
Fri, Sep 26 5:16 PM khidir review of ATLAS by Anchor
Such a powerful delivery, I can truly feel the conflicted emotions behind every ...
Thu, Sep 25 3:30 PM khidir review of Who Told YOu ? by Loveshadow
this is a real kick to listen to!
Thu, Sep 25 3:25 PM khidir review of Summertime (Get 'Em Girl Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
real smooth, I dig your style!
Thu, Sep 25 3:10 PM khidir review of Your Body My Mind His Money by radiotimes
pretty chill dnb track! I think a synth hook or some phat bassline could sweeten...
Thu, Sep 25 1:56 PM khidir review of Death of Lovers by Revlin
excellent, excellent inspiring work.
Thu, Sep 25 1:51 PM khidir review of Séchage rapide by Morusque
great song and intro and some excellent sampling here. wishing it was longer!
Thu, Sep 25 1:36 AM khidir review of September by calendargirl
your voice reminds me so much of Emily Haines!
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