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Reviews left by khidir

Sat, Nov 29 12:41 PM khidir review of Mr Slow by jaspertine
This is really good, I felt like I should be paying to listen to it. Reminds me ...
Thu, Nov 27 9:24 PM khidir review of Computer [machine remix] by Decaying Machine
wow, this is pro!
Sun, Nov 23 7:29 PM khidir review of Willing to Wait by ScOmBer
Great work, I like the heartfelt vocals!
Sun, Nov 23 10:50 AM khidir review of Make up My Mind by Admiral Bob
awesome guitar + awesome vocals + awesome drums = all around awesome track!
Wed, Nov 19 6:47 AM khidir review of Why? (End of the Earth Mix) by ScOmBer
Real cool, I like the apocalyptic nature of the song with the backdrop and lyric...
Tue, Nov 18 11:02 AM khidir review of Atlas Reshaped by Subliminal
Wow, I love the treated vocals and droning guitar. A myriad shades of different ...
Tue, Nov 18 10:46 AM khidir review of Heart Full of Longing by radiotimes
This marriage of panu's musings and the harps paints quite a clear story; there'...
Tue, Nov 18 10:38 AM khidir review of Conscience of Werewolves by Fireproof_Babies
I dig the drum work, and the vocals are just really sweet icing. This needs a fe...
Sat, Nov 15 9:42 AM khidir review of Voyager by DoKashiteru
Poetic and moving. Refreshingly simple yet still engaging. I can imagine time st...
Fri, Nov 14 12:59 AM khidir review of Terminal by jaspertine
I love this!
Thu, Nov 13 5:56 AM khidir review of Io by Fireproof_Babies
holy gods of prog!
Sun, Nov 9 1:47 AM khidir review of Funk1-Fast by billraydrums
what kind of snare is that?
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