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Reviews left by khidir

Tue, Sep 21 12:06 PM khidir review of A Tentative Return by Fireproof_Babies
the drums really drive the song home. love your imagination and aesthetic! and ...
Wed, Mar 18 11:33 AM khidir review of Shine (Instrumental Ambient Mix) - DURDEN by DURDEN
this track is great, it reminds me of basement jaxx for some reason.
Tue, Mar 17 7:25 PM khidir review of Touch by Briareus
I love this, you're so imaginative it hurts!
Sat, Mar 7 8:40 PM khidir review of GMZ by Scott Altham
This is soon becoming a favorite of mine. bloody fantastic!
Wed, Mar 4 1:26 AM khidir review of Ms.Muthaphukkin Vybe - Caution to the wind (djiz remix) by Kwame
A very nice listen, love the scratches!
Wed, Mar 4 1:24 AM khidir review of Mixed Up in the Drive By - Cool Music Radio Edit by teru
I wasn't much of a fan initially, but I got more and more into it as the song mo...
Wed, Mar 4 12:58 AM khidir review of The Queen of Spades by The Suit, Inc.
very nice piano metal!
Tue, Mar 3 10:12 PM khidir review of we were just we by Tomas PhUsIoN
Very nice, traces of Daft Punk.. great job!
Fri, Feb 27 8:57 PM khidir review of Dear Huey by Suzi Q. Smith
Ms Q I'm having problems trying to play the file. It's complaining about not hav...
Mon, Feb 23 9:02 AM khidir review of White Hippy Suburban Family Business by ScOmBer
Tue, Feb 17 8:49 AM khidir review of Midnight Wolf (DURDEN ver.) by DURDEN
Epic madness. I would love to hear how it sounds even refined.
Mon, Feb 16 8:35 PM khidir review of JON in the Box (Secret Stylistic mix) by duckett
Love this, that quirky beat certainly helps!
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