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The Queen of Spades

uploaded: Sun, Mar 1, 2009 @ 1:06 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 1, 2009 @ 12:35 PM  (replace)
byThe Suit, Inc.
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The Queen of Spades

Another Remix of something from Jacinda. I started out making this as an industrial dance song then it turned into an emo thing, and it ended up at the border of metal and pop punk alternative.

Jacinda’s voice is so versatile it sounds good with a lot of different types of sound.

The harpsichord part inspired me to make an attempt to try to somehow one up that with a capable guitar piece, I had to cheat and use two guitar parts overlapped to compete with the chorus. I followed the cello and piano part with a bass guitar. I made the most out of the B-b scale. At first the song time signature threw me off because most of it is 4/4 but one or 2 verses are 4/5 which is a good cue for a drum fill but confusing in the beginning none the less. I wanted to do more to this but what I had done so far was already pushing my dual cores to the max, so I just stopped here. Of course, Jacinda’s voice is the shiny ribbon and bow on this present, it ties everything together.

This was so much fun and it only took like a day to make. All the baroque pomp and frill on the guitar made me feel like I was shredding the way I’m sure Bach would have wanted if he ever got his hands on a modern axe.

Even though I spent very little time with this song, I think it best represents what I can do musically and production wise more than anything else I’ve put out on this site. So with a big grin on my face I’m telling you, I am serious here.

This was made mostly in fl studio 8, mixed in my ghetto fabulous Logitech USB headset because my good headphones are on their way to the US right now, so be forgiving of the mix I can’t really hear what is going on but I did my best to compensate for what I can’t hear.

"The Queen of Spades"
by The Suit, Inc.

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