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Waiting to Come Back Down

uploaded: Fri, Dec 19, 2008 @ 3:58 PM
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A number of remixes in the past have been based around the same idea, and none of them got it right, and this is no exception, though it stands as something I’d like to imagine is entirely unique.

The goal this time around was to use a single loop, and only that one loop, for the entire duration of the track, using layers of the same track and gratuitous echoes and return tracks for variation. The thing was then simply let loose, and the blending was turned into a performance onto itself.

CASchubert’s guitar sound was chosen on account of it reminding me of “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.

I actually sat on this track for about a day and a half before choosing to upload it, just to be sure I could hear it with fresh ears before making a decision. It’s pretty different, with a rather tinny mix and an obviously repetitive refrain, and if that weren’t enough, it ends on an extended feedback exploration. For reasons unknown, creating signal loops on this track created some of the sweetest feedback I’ve yet heard, though that might be an acquired taste. Since I may never recreate the chance circumstances that led to the feedback in the first place, I decided to run with it.

There are some other sounds happening here that I like. Blending a sweeping bandpass filter with the original signal is one of those sounds I’ll have to remind myself to use more often.

The title refers largely to the hazy, dreamlike nature of the whole track, while at the same time being a reference to the source material.

"Waiting to Come Back Down"
by jaspertine

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