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Wired but Disconnected (Dylan's lament)

uploaded: Fri, Nov 7, 2008 @ 9:17 PM
FeaturingPitx, Duckett & the crickets in my yard
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Many thanks to Duckett for the inspiration & title, and of course Pitx for the seething bed of peatbog that sits beneath.
I added some more slide guitar, shakers, crickets, harp and the local constabulary. After too much single malt Kentucky whiskey I tried to keep my vox very thin & pointy (hey I’m white) and to tell a story (in the style of Bob Dylan?). Much harder than I thought…so many words for such a lazy singer….I’ll post the pella if anyones interested.
Here’s my words to the story anyway;

1.> I was head’n down to Jackson Texas
goin down Louisiana ‘way
then along came a blonde
of the type I’m fond
but I didn’t have much to say

1a.> And she sat right down, and put her arms around
and said “I guess I’ve been an easy lay”
when my mind seized up
I couldn’t ‘lieve my luck
and when the sun is shining I’ll be makin hay…


2.> Cause my mind started fak’n, my knees started shak’n
when I sold my soul in ‘Nam
I left my clothes in the pose
of a factory rose
and my morals to a man named Uncle Sam…

2 x break

3. > Then we stopped for a bite at the Truckers Delight
gettn friendly with this girl I can
Ended spendn the night
kind of feel’n alright
in a motel room out of Sugarland.

(70’s porn) break(down)

4. > And we woke in the morning
and I got myself clean
such sweeter night of lov’n
theres never been.
She says she’s
“not as older as the girl you’ve seen
and I’ve gotta tell you now I’m not even seventeen.”

Oh shit! $#%
Stand away from the girl

CH.> Well I was wired
yet disconnected
and I was blind (now sugar girl)
but now arrested !!

5.> Well I said to the judge
that she looked eighteen
and I’m down on my luck
(I think you know what I mean)
I spent my best years fightn in some foreign land
I can tell by your stars I think you’ll understand?

CH.> Well I was wired,
though disconnected,
that I was blind (to see)
and now contested.

6.> Then I spend some time at the county jail
with all sorts of fagots
with a story to tell
and how I lost my life on a greyhound bus
now I’m pickn up the soap for a guy named Russ.

(fresh towels to cell block nine)

CH.> Well I was wired
though disconnected
I did my time (for Uncle Sam and God)
and got arrested

Yeah I was wired (baby)
I can’t forget it!
I did my time, (baby now)
then got elected…….

(i can take a breath now)

"Wired but Disconnected (Dylan's lament)"
by ScOmBer

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