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...can get politically involved and demonstrate against the plastic in the oceans, while the west of the usa is slowly but surely runni
...c). thanks to all involved. (and apologies to apoxode for stepping all over the cool minimalism of his track.) ,funk_n_blues,remix
.... his private life involved 5 marriages, one to the actress mia farrow. he was never afraid to try something and to many he will b
... one. thanks to all involved. i added a bit of percussion (ezdrummer). ,catalyst_event,remix,media,bpm_085_090,non_commercial,aud
... become emotionally involved and ultimately scarred as the process of divorce runs its course. these songs are my way of exorci
... ;) thank to all involved :) effluence chorus lyrics written by hektor thillet i told you i wouldn’t bother oh--the o
...rent direction that involved cutting and splicing and making all kinds of loops. i was getting frustrated by my limitations, but for
constant movement suite had to get involved in this secret mixter. all the classic dffss elements are here, filtered vocal, heavy bass an...
...ther processing was involved in the sounds, using layered and pitch-shifted delays, which results in some cacophonous moments. the t
...s. thanks to all involved. and thanks to vibhu tewary for the original vocal that inspired snowflake's vocal, which inspired g
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gettinginvolvedhoody gettinginvolvedhoody
...l engineer that was involved in the assembling process of household equipment, so he is always excited when working on vacuum cleane
gettinginvolved gettinginvolved
... didn't want to get involved. she did seem half-amused that our parents (who she thought were a bit prudish) were sleeping with othe
...; she is constantly involved in concert activities both as a soloist and as a member of various music bands. we invite you to sub
...with other agencies involved including the industrial development bureau (idb) and the precision machinery research and development
... in parallel, he is involved with the art of magic and he is widely known with the artistic name tristan. he is -maybe- the only o
... all the facilities involved. an important aspect of environmental protection that is often overlooked is hazardous waste disposa
...as to gets somebody involved drawing on instructing data to come up with resolution ranking, that happen to be subsequently utilized
...tudio, it led to an involved conversation with the young man, who pointed out that the track lu was mixing was his. shocked not only
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...st two weeks deeply involved with your music!). great remix!
review of 'cold haily windy night' by 'radioontheshelf' i've been involved with all types of music over the years but i still have a soft...
review of 'gotta go (feat snowflake)' by 'tacet' nice work everyone involved! words are perfectly abstract, beautifully sung and pieced t...
review of 'a road song' by 'life of labors' nice, were you involved in the track on ccmixter called "one world" a voice similarity close,...
review of 'スーパー supa jaiantsu spaceman' by 'kara square' wow! this is absolutely lovely. props to all involved!
...e thing i’ve been involved in, and that’s after many wonderful projects!!
review of 'so much time ...' by 'apoxode' how cool is it that you drew me! :) you encouraged me to get involved with the secret mixters,...
review of 'universal freedom' by 'soundtails' nice agreed im involved in the death with dignity movement fueled by watching a mistake of ...
review of 'intentions (communal mix)' by 'snowflake' what an incredible mash-up!! can't imagine how much editing was involved in this wor...
...s crystal synth was involved ;)
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...e reason i ever got involved with digital music- if you want to know who's fault it is, (and hear some great tracks), check out coli
thanks, and bass lines to order hello, first of all i'd like to say a big thanks to everybody involved in putting ccmixter together and ...
...handise of any kind involved[/b]. i will [b]not[/b] be [b]selling[/b] the pulse single; it will be released in the same way as the a
...e great if everyone involved could proof-listen to each other before releasing. just an idea. what do you think? please reply. :
... the contest by all involved. i’m just sort of curious. i was thinking (i do that sometimes, mostly on weekends) about the tradeof
...ally awesome people involved in it. maybe at some point, i'll submit again but for now, i think it's time for me to take a break.
...d like to stay more involved in the community but have low-bandwidth connections to the internet. would it possible for ccmixter
...ere is a time limit involved when emailing to prevent spam? or is there a limit on the amount of email i can send as a member? i'
...nd ccmixter are not involved in any formal capacity. [b]rules[/b]: create a subgenius-themed remix using some of the loops in the
...lly had time to get involved until recently, being busy with our own stuff.... there are a hell of a lot of creatively/technicall
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...ial picks i've been involved in over the years. thanks to everyone who contributed!
...ll of the musicians involved in this podcast. *catch the new ccmixter podcast, steeped (hosted by kungfu!), in the middle of sept
...ll of the musicians involved in this podcast. you rock! *catch the new ccmixter podcast, steeped (hosted by kungfu!), in the middl
...of the last 2 years involved with fashion & glamour; whether it is through work or getting sneaked in as whatever onto the runway. d