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Who is TheKingLive?

TheKingLive is a top review and buying guide service. Our team is a group of editors with diverse backgrounds in journalism and editing. Before diverting our career route to content writing, we were industrial engineers, journalists, and travel bloggers.

Some of us are also coffee lovers, road trip heroes, and of course, young parents of newborns and toddlers. Our rich experience has allowed us to choose an effective strategy of providing informative and impartial reviews to meet our readers’ needs - and this is also what makes us stand out in the crowd.

Guadalupe Sullivan, TheKingLive’s Executive Editor, is passionate about providing services that make your lives easier. Her passion has inspired the team to provide content that can help our customers enjoy their lives more.

With rich experience in different fields, our team is committed to improving your living standards by offering customers top product reviews, evaluations, comparisons, and detailed how-to guides. TheKingLive platform is well-organised and the content is divided into four groups, so navigating around is a snap:

1. Home & Cleaning: This is where we group best product reviews and buyers’ guides of the highest-rated vacuum cleaners, mattress toppers, cordless drills and pressure washers. Since we know that picking the right vacuuming tools could be one of the biggest challenges for many homeowners, we dedicate lots of our time in this product category. What’s better than having a reliable vacuum that can help to keep your house flawlessly clean?

2. Kitchen & Dining: Home-cooked meals are where all family members get together after a long day at work or school. We understand this and are eager to share with you tips to purchase reasonably-priced and well-made pressure cookers, coffee makers and coffee grinders in this section.

3. Baby & Kids: Parents, especially working moms, all know how hard it is to take care of their newborns, so we cover impartial reviews of two necessary types of baby care equipment for you here: breast pumps and baby monitors. Buying tips and tricks to purchase useful baby care products are also included to help make your journey of baby care less stressful and more manageable.

4. Outdoor: Hiking and camping trips promote physical health while promoting better friendships, but we all need some outdoor essentials like decent hiking boots, pants, pocket knives, multitools and even coolers to make the most of our adventures in the wild. Some of our editors are also outdoor enthusiasts, so we can’t wait to share with you in-depth reviews and actionable buying tips of the best outdoor essentials.

How do we do this?

All of our top reviews take many hours of research, some even take days of thorough research and rounds of lab tests. Before working on any reviews or buying guides, we spend time searching for information online, including industry news from only the most reliable resources, and interviews with experienced experts in the fields.

More importantly, we also look into customers’ feedback on innumerable retailers and manufacturers’ sites. While professionals’ viewpoints provide credibility for our articles, customers’ opinions tell us how the products are perceived after launching them into the market. A careful combination of these two sources of information ensure that we have sufficient and unbiased data to offer to our readers.

For example, before working on a review for Shark IONFlex DuoClean 2X (IF251) or a review roundup of best Shark Navigator Lift Away models, we seek out for trustworthy reviews of cleaning experts or engineers, then gather honest customer feedback on Amazon.

Once we get all the data that we need, we sit down and choose only the most relevant piece of information to compile our articles. In the same manner, before getting down to a review of the cooler Yeti Tundra 65, we searched for opinions from the most proficient hikers, skilful campers.

Next, we spent a significant amount of time reading through authentic comments of real users of this cooler. So this can come from retailers’ sites or manufacturers’ pages. After the data collection process, we then pick out the most suitable details for our review. In so doing, we can supply readers only impartial articles that can help them pick the most well-matched products for their needs.

All of our editors have had bad shopping experiences with faulty and overpriced merchandise before. Some of them even came with junk features that were advertised as gold standards. So more than anyone else, we understand how challenging it is to pick up the right product amid an abundance of choice.

This is also the key reason we started TheKingLive, where we can help our customers with useful suggestions of high-quality and reasonably-priced products.

How do we make money?

Our business relies on your trust. If you find our reviews helpful and decide to click on our links to purchase, we earn a small percentage of affiliate commission. This is based on an agreement between us and our retailers, which means you won’t be charged any incurring costs.

That said, our profits are based on your needs, so we always ensure that we bring you only the most-trusted product recommendations to build long-term relationships with you.

TheKingLive team

Meet some of our team members below:

1. William Cawley - Editor in Chief

William joined TheKingLive after working for years as a freelance copywriter and photographer. He covers a little bit of everything from Home & Cleaning equipment to Kitchen & Dining tools.

As a father of two little toddlers, William also has rich experience in taking care of kids, so he also contributed greatly to many articles in our Bay & Kids section. Besides, he is a footpath fit for the wilderness that has spent years hiking the most beautiful trails like John Muir in California or the Hayduke in Arizona. So he can also share with you the best tips to pick outdoor essentials.

2. Guadalupe Sullivan - Executive Editor

Guadalupe has accumulated experience in content writing across various fields. In this role, she is responsible for developing the content framework for all of our product categories. She loves helping customers learn to pick the right products to make their life more enjoyable. When not working, you can find her watching comedy series and enjoying time at home with her ginger cocker spaniel - Molly.

3. Joseph French - Senior Editor

Joseph is a garden lover, so you might have come across many Joseph’s well-written reviews about home and garden care. Before joining TheKingLive, he was an industrial engineer that was involved in the assembling process of household equipment, so he is always excited when working on vacuum cleaner reviews and buyer guides.

4. Meredith Smith - Associate Editor

Meredith covers home, garden and baby care topics on our platform. As a young mom of one toddler and a newborn, Meredith has been through all the ups and downs of the fulfilling yet exhausting period of caring for a little child.

She also deeply understands how important it is to pick the right baby care products to make this task much more enjoyable and manageable. Meredith enjoys sharing her experience in many best reviews guide with all TheKingLive readers.

5. Jennifer Rodriquez - Assistant Editor

Jennifer is the youngest member of our team, but she also has more than ten years of writing experience under her belt. She has worked for several well-known publishing houses across the country before becoming an Assistant Editor for TheKingLive.

As a pet lover, she’s interested in learning about the features of pet-friendly vacuums, then shares buying tips and reviews of best vacuum cleaners with our readers. Besides, she is also interested in writing about other home equipment like coffee makers, and coffee grinders on our site.

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