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Sun, Feb 13 10:40 PM DustRed review of No (The Fine Arts Mechanik Mixx) by Oranj Mechanik
Like the vocals guys. I think if you worked the music backing it a little more t...
Sun, Feb 13 10:32 PM DustRed review of No Glories by Malkolmj
Yeh I really like the groove on this. Only advise is I found the Chuck D vocals ...
Sun, Feb 13 10:30 PM j review of Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla's 28 grams REMIX) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Love the beginning of the song. Like the simple but effective beat. Then few det...
Sun, Feb 13 10:30 PM DustRed review of No Meaning No (Gold Teeth) by wadealin
Like the idea of the vocal stutter. Mix is also good & clean.
Sun, Feb 13 10:24 PM DustRed review of "NonoNO" - 00afro SpeirChuka Mix by 00afro
Definately the most original remix. Refreshing.
Sun, Feb 13 10:22 PM DustRed review of No Meaning No (Remix) by The1andOnly
Hi dude, Overall a good rework. My only advise would be perhaps adding a little...
Sun, Feb 13 10:18 PM ASHWAN review of Wadidyusay Supergirl? by teru
Sun, Feb 13 9:44 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of Orchestral Hit Faire by Peaboy O'Titis
Without a doubt, this track is in the elite 3-4% of cut-ups that have been submi...
Sun, Feb 13 9:30 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of Thatswhatisaid! by Gerador Zero
Its hard to go wrong on the Zap Mama track as it is already extremely funky. So ...
Sun, Feb 13 9:22 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of Reactive Fugue by JP
I like it, personally. It has that "Ultimate Mega-Mix" thing going on ...
Sun, Feb 13 7:15 PM Peaboy O'Titis review of Thatswhatisaid! by Gerador Zero
Whoah whoah the hell did you get those vocals so clean? Were the pe...
Sun, Feb 13 5:23 PM Fujimo review of fake sitting by bend, sinister
definitely original work. great programming.
Sun, Feb 13 4:58 PM BMOC review of Insect by Ugly By Now
Sun, Feb 13 4:40 PM fourstones review of Just A Second by Malkolmj
Yea, really creative. Outstanding.
Sun, Feb 13 4:38 PM fourstones review of Insect by Ugly By Now
Again, great tracks (although I don't hear Eno per se) -- would be an amazing ad...
Sun, Feb 13 4:34 PM fourstones review of Wall Drill by Ugly By Now
The backing tracks for this are really beautiful -- Is there any chance you cou...
Sun, Feb 13 2:29 PM creativelycommon review of Valsinha by Gerador Zero
i totally dig this. you are smokin' hot with that thing..
Sun, Feb 13 2:01 PM creativelycommon review of Fuckin' Rock! (cc version) by Gerador Zero
very fun. makes me smile and wiggle my toes :)
Sun, Feb 13 1:18 PM Pave review of No Stars, No A&Rs' (Short Sweet Mix) by Dr. Colossus
sorry. didn't like it. Hey! I like it.
Sun, Feb 13 1:03 PM Pave review of No A&R's by Dr. Colossus
Ah! This is really 'punky'! Lotta distortion. Love it or hate it! I'm irresolute...
Sun, Feb 13 12:10 PM Fujimo review of Automato by monotom
throw in bass line a wicked bass line and you'll get 5s
Sun, Feb 13 12:05 PM Fujimo review of Pleasant, unemotional conversation by Heuristics Inc.
the sounds you create or sweet but your form is weak. The individual combination...
Sun, Feb 13 11:57 AM Fujimo review of Thatswhatisaid! by Gerador Zero
the mix sounds good but the flow is unsure. It's hard to tell whether you were g...
Sun, Feb 13 11:52 AM Fujimo review of done by Gerador Zero
this one sweet. a nice coming down track. busy but calm.
Sun, Feb 13 11:47 AM Fujimo review of oggenc -q 6 $x by Gerador Zero
great job. the intro just seems a tad long. Using other background sounds yo...
Sun, Feb 13 10:40 AM BMOC review of D&B 3000 - The Revenge of Drum & Bass by Prof. m.Stereo
yes, excellent. great dynamics and i never got bored with it.
Sun, Feb 13 10:37 AM BMOC review of Irregulator by DJ Wurz
this wasn't bad but it got awful repetitve over that riff. maybe if you had used...
Sun, Feb 13 10:31 AM BMOC review of No Stars (Scrapyard Chop) by Mischief
excellent. some of the oversaturated clipped sections didn't sound so great but ...
Sun, Feb 13 10:28 AM BMOC review of Reactive Fugue by JP
well produced but seems to lack linearity with the arrangement. it just sort of ...
Sun, Feb 13 10:28 AM Gerador Zero review of what did you said? I said this is hip hop by Prof. m.Stereo
Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Some mixters are churning hundreds of sample...