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State of Everyday Madness (Originally by GhostK)

uploaded: Tue, Apr 4, 2006 @ 6:28 PM
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After hearing the wonderful SofEM track by GhostK (aka CDK and _Ghost), I promised to remix it. Me and my big mouth, lol :D

I kept on adding stuff…lyrics/vocals, bass, strings, glocks, chord changes, the usual, and ended up with something I really like…hope you do too!


Many thanks to the GhostK team!


Here’s the lyrics for the song :

State of Everyday Madness

When I was such a small boy,
I wouldn’t notice you from anyone.

When I had just a small voice,
I didn’t think I’d learn to shout so loud.

[chord change]
Felt the same as anyone
Felt the strain like anyone….

When I was just a small boy,
…I didn’t yearn to be the same.

So lie to me, say it’ll be ok,
So hold me down, before I drift away….

When I was just a small boy,
I didn’t argue, curse or lay the blame.

whispered questions :

who do you think you are?
what will you become?
where will you go today?
will you become undone?
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: VocalFragments

  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(e1)_dry.mp3 (360.13KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(e1)_wet.mp3 (360.13KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(m8)_dry.mp3 (246.25KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(m8)_wet.mp3 (246.25KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(undone_sung)_dry.mp3 (322.17KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(undone_sung)_wet.mp3 (322.17KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(v1v2v3c1)_dry.mp3 (2.41MB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_vocals(v1v2v3c1)_wet.mp3 (2.41MB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_voice_pad(m8)_dry.mp3 (151.35KB)
  • /SofEM - Fragments - Vocal/SofEM_voice_pad(v123)_dry.mp3 (607.47KB)

"State of Everyday Madness (Originally by GhostK)"
by tacet

2006 - Licensed under
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Editorial pick

Haunting and captivating. Tacet adds just the right amount of touches to what was originally an instrumental collaboration between _ghost and CDK to complete the cycle of remix evolution. : )