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Reviews left by khidir

Mon, Feb 16 8:22 PM khidir review of Radiotimes Minimalist Blues Mayhem by spinmeister
Well-thought out and executed, a nice foray into the eccentric mind of RT!
Mon, Feb 16 8:17 PM khidir review of Rumburacknarockoko (Frisur!) by Tanzmob2000
Fun beat, great mix!
Mon, Feb 16 8:12 PM khidir review of Bang Bang by rokamic
This mix has a really great flow to it, thanks to the great use of samples.
Mon, Feb 16 8:09 PM khidir review of Deflated & Alone (acoustic) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Nice take, I really enjoyed the chords surrounding KT's voice.
Mon, Feb 16 8:05 PM khidir review of The Streets Odyssey (OM Remix) by onlymeith
Excellent mix. Love the build-up.
Mon, Feb 16 8:00 PM khidir review of Gurditation by teru
Time stands still and birds look on excitedly as people crowd around, sitting at...
Mon, Feb 16 7:52 PM khidir review of When I Close My Eyes by Alex
Excellent mix, you really have a ear for great production!
Mon, Feb 16 7:25 PM khidir review of Twilight Falling (ft. colab + RamblingLibrarian) by Ivan Chew
Very nice seamless mix, Ivan. The guitar is a nice touch.
Mon, Feb 16 7:10 PM khidir review of The Business of existing by radiotimes
There's a real sense of adventure here, that always seems to make your music sta...
Mon, Feb 16 7:08 PM khidir review of Statia by gurdonark
Great job Gurdonark, somehow your sense of imagination always translates beautif...
Mon, Feb 16 7:05 PM khidir review of Parametaphoriquement by gmz
I have to say great job, as a fan of both Morusque's work and the particular rho...
Mon, Feb 16 6:56 PM khidir review of Return of the Sun after Sulrty Night by irish4t
I love the soundscape you've sculpted here. It feels a little dark and personal ...
Mon, Feb 16 6:53 PM khidir review of code freak by kthugha
This has all the eccentricities and depth of a good remix. Nice job.
Mon, Feb 16 6:50 PM khidir review of Motherless by wellman
You did really well, wellman! I love this mix.
Mon, Feb 16 6:49 PM khidir review of Book of Magic by Johnny SockHead
Nice, took a couple of listens and I really enjoyed this.